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Past Winning Manuscripts

Past winning manuscripts are provided below as a guideline for students.

1992 "Self-determination and Uniqueness: The Challenge of the HIV-positive Drug Addict"
Mark Lee
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1993 "Right to Die"
Terri Huntington
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1993 "Values: My Process and Practice"
Barbara Clewett
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1994 "The Value of Hope"
Elizabeth Anne Gleason
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1995 "Values for Developing Cultural Competence"
Roosevelt Stacy
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1996 "The Essence of Spirituality"
Patricia Martin Kovacs
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1998 "The Impact of Self-reflection on Therapy"
Jabulani McCalister
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1999 "A life review: The Evolution of a Social Worker
Angela Taylor Arche
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2000 "Letting Go"
Catrina Johnson Stackpoole
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2002 "Constructing the Self of the Profession"
S. Helena Campbell
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2004 "My Journey of Change"
Patti Tauber
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2005 "Dimensions of Healing: My Journey from Nursing to Social Work"
Linda M. Bender
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2007 "Between Two Cultures"
Walter Siegl
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2007 "Conflicts Within: Personal Bias and the Professional Self"
Kelly Thornton
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2009 "Dissonance Between Feminist and Social Work Values: A Personal Exploration of Anger
Erin Comartin
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2011 "Physical Discipline and Cultural Understanding"
Megan Pennefather
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2012 "Asking Why: Confronting Childhood Sexual Abuse"
Mickey Sperlich
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2013 "Embracing Men: A Feminist's Transformational Journey"
Linsey Rae Higgins
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2015 "Practice Makes Progress: Navigating trauma, empathy, and self-disclosure in clinical social work practice."
Caitlin Stolz Desjardins
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2016 "A Hospice Social Worker's Journey: Ethics, Values, and Overcoming Personal Biases"
Anne N. Ferrari

2017 "Discovering, Acknowledging, and Understanding Biases in Social Work Practice"
Austin Kieffer
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