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September 20, 2017

Req. 17-105 Grade VII Clinician                                       Job/D:  1359

Position Type:


Date Posted:



St. Clair County Community Mental Health Authority

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Classification/Statue  :  Grade VII Clinician

The Current Assignment for this Job Opening is: St. Clair County Community Mental Health Authority - Jail Services

Starting Salary:  $27.80 Per Hour

Hours/Schedule: 28 Hours - Regular Part Time (Actual Hours Not Guaranteed)

Essential Functions:

An employee in this classification is required to perform some or all of the following duties, however these do not include all of the tasks which the employee may be expected to perform: conducts assessments and makes diagnostic evaluation; provide treatment services delineated within the Individual Plan of Service; participates in the Person Centered Planning process and follows through with plan; provides individual and/or group therapy and crisis intervention as needed; provides education on issues of mental health to service recipients, families, and other staff; may provide direct case management services to service recipients (coordination, linking and monitoring of services) and coordinates activities with other agencies and assists utilization of these resources by service recipients; maintains regular required documentation; comply with Transportation Policy (09-002-0010), Alcohol & Drug Testing Policy (06-001-001 0) and Background Check Policy (06-001-0015), as well as supervisors/designee  directives; maintain confidentiality.

St. Clair County Community Mental Health embraces an employment environment that promotes recovery and discovery, a person-centered approach to treatment services, and cultural competence. An employee in this or any position is expected to support the employment  environment.

Job Summary: See Attachment

Minimum Qualifications:  (an employee in this class, upon appointment, must have the following credentials, training, and experience)

Technical Skills


  • Master's Degree in Social Work


  • Licensed Masters Social Worker

-Valid Michigan Driver's License


  • Demonstrated ability to utilize DSM V for diagnostic process
  • Demonstrated knowledge of mental health treatment procedures applicable to public mental health populations
  • Demonstrated knowledge of current and best practices within practice area
  • 1- 2 years experience with behavioral health recipients
  • Demonstrated ability with Windows 7 and Word software


  • Must have access to transportation
  • Must qualify as QMHP, QIDP, or QCMHP, according to program assignment
  • If using Agency vehicles, passing random drug and alcohol screening

Behavioral Skills

Applicants chosen for interview will be evaluated on qualifications related to:

-Ability to exercise discretion and some flexibility in selecting optimal solution from established alternative to obtain the desired outcome

-Ability to exercise ingenuity to adapt, alter or improvise established alternatives

-Ability to use or exert influence in a work process

-Ability to be a "work leader" (of a person or function), or advise others

  • Ability to provide, exchange or explain information which conveys an opinion or evaluation of the facts or analysis

-Ability to deal with minor conflicts tactfully

Preferred Qualifications:  (be sure to include any cultural competence issues)

Technical Skills


  • 3-5 years experience in area of expertise
  • Demonstration of proficiency and experience working on an electronic health record system
  • Lived experience with behavioral health issues.

Application Procedure: APPLY ONLINE ONLY

Selection Procedure:

Apply  Between: 09/18/2017- 09/29/2017 Open Posting- AFSCME  Members Given First Consideration (This posting closes at 5:00 p.m. the last day of posting)

Special notice to every applicant:

When submitting an application and/or resume be sure to include evidence that the minimum qualifications are met (copies of license, description of years of experience, skill based experience/training,  etc.)

Applicants that meet the Authority's initial screening may be subject to a pre-interview test lasting up to two (2) hours.

Any offer of employment is contingent upon a Criminal Background Check, as well as a 5 Panel Drug Screen. Potential candidates will be sent to Industrial Health Service for a screening at their own expense ($29). When results are negative for the drug screen, the candidate will then be reimbursed the cost of the screening.

Functional Job Task List:  Clinician Jail Services

  • Complete screenings to determine eligibility for intake.
  • Contact Access for authorization of intake.
  • Complete intake assessments.
  • Respond to Intervention Center staff requests for mental health. assistance/recommendations.
  • Crisis intervention
  • Completing lethality assessments as needed.
  • Providing clinical recommendations for inmates regarding housing, lethality, safety as requested by Intervention Center staff.
  • Maintain case load of open cases within the jail.
  • Complete medication review notes for nurse practioners prior to the review.
  • Complete clinical and BPS assessments within the Agency timeframes.
  • Complete Pre-Person Centered Planning assessments with individuals prior to the PCP meeting.
  • Complete IPOS with individuals and complete all documentation and in accordance with good treatment practice and diagnosis.
  • Complete periodic reviews, amend plans as necessary and document all contacts in Oasis system.
  • Complete Incident Reports for all Sentinel Events; i.e., sentencing.
  • Daily completion of staff SALs.
  • Provide supports coordination services.
  • Assist inmates with comprehensive planning for re-integration into the community and continuity of mental health treatment services upon release from the Intervention Center.
  • Participate in staff meetings, clinical consults and clinical supervision.
  • Link individuals with DHS for Medicaid applications/start up prior to release from Intervention Center.
  • Provides transportation when clinically indicated.
  • Crisis response 24 hours per day per participant's need.
  • Attends functional job task related conferences as recommended by supervisor.
  • Provide professional suppoti and input regarding agency mission, clinical function and inter-program relationships.

Attends training:  Divisional, program, agency wide, and skill building.

150 years in the heart of Detroit