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Bachelor level social worker or psychologist

October 18, 2017

CBF is a charter school located on Vista Maria's campus. The school provides educational services to those who are currently or who have been residents of Vista Maria. The academy is in its 7th year of a research project looking at how trauma impacts the brain and learning.(numerous articles have been published on our work.) All staff have had extensive trauma-informed teaching training and look at the underlying need of a child--it is a social worker's or psychologist’s  dream school! (look at or  )

CBF is a small (about 130 students); class size is small (15); there is a single service delivery system (not the typical divisions of special ed. vs general ed.). There is opportunity for creativity, community work, group, and individual sessions.

Primary Function:

To address students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs to help them achieve optimal academic and social-behavioral functioning, this will empower them to act as contributing adults. Further, to participate as an active member of a multidisciplinary evaluation team, and  Monarch Room Team to identify students’ strengths and limitations, while systematically ensuring that students’ are receiving a fair and appropriate education.

General Roles and Responsibilities:

Active member of Trauma Support Team (Monarch Room Team) to provide students with de-escalation techniques, counseling opportunities, facilitate group work.

Assist in identification of student’s strength and weaknesses and underlying need of displayed behaviors.

Designing and supporting individual Student Success Plans

Facilitating Restorative Justice techniques

Collect and analyze data.

Report writing.

Substitute in classrooms when unable to obtain substitutes.


Bachelor Degree in social work, psychology, or related field. Passion for at-risk students. Comfortable with Microsoft Office.  Awareness of trauma theories, adolescent develop, sensory integration techniques. Experience with adolescents extremely helpful.

Beverly A. Baroni Ph.D., LMSW

Principal-Superintendent, Clara B. Ford Academy


150 years in the heart of Detroit