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Camp Burt Shurly

November 15, 2017

 Camp is owned by Detroit Public
Schools and run  by The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. Children coming
to camp are scholarshiped by federal money and there is a teaching element
in the summer program to aid the kids learning, along with a lot of fun
camp activities. Summer activities include; swimming, boating, fishing,
archery, art, hiking, nature center, basketball, soccer, ga-ga ball, four
square, climbing tower, living history, and initiatives course.  Campers
are Detroit schools students, age 8-12 years old. The camp is over 60
years old, with rustic building, open play/sports area, and a lot of
forested land with trails. We have 220 acres of land with frontage on two
lakes. Address is 15100 Goodband Rd Gregory MI 48137. Camp is about one
hour drive time from Detroit, and the nearest large city is Ann Arbor
(about 30 minutes away), but the nearest town is Chelsea, only about 7
miles away.


Cabin Counselor (AKA –Hero) – You will have a bunch of elementary age kids
in your cabin, and they will be  your team.  When they want to do stuff,
you will take them to activities…Amazing Activities like swimming ,  rock
climbing , and art. When they are hungry you will get them food, by taking
them to the dining hall.  When they get grubby, you will take them to the
bath house, where they can shower..and the world will be better. You will
get to know these kids, and they will get to know you, and you can become
their hero.  And at the end of a long amazing camp day of fun, you will
tell them a story and get them to bed, so you can all do it all over again
tomorrow.  A tough job, but amazing (nobody ever said being a hero was
gonna be easy).  Cabin Counselors must be over 18 years of age.
Staff Expectations:

150 years in the heart of Detroit