Posting: Double Up Food Bucks - Program Coordinator

May 30, 2019


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The Double Up Food Bucks Program (DUFB) Coordinator will be responsible for providing general program support to the DUFB program team. The Coordinator will provide training, communications, and outreach support to ensure program effectiveness at nearly 250 program sites in Michigan. This team member will report to the DUFB Director, Kellie Boyd. This is an entry level role and we are looking for candidates early in their careers looking to learn and grow.

Key Responsibilities

Farmers Market

  • Distribute marketing materials to farmers markets at season start
  • Provide additional marketing materials as needed and requested during site visits
  • Attend and provide on-site assistance at technology roll-out in farmers markets
  • Serve as a liaison to the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA), and coordinate activities between FFN and MIFMA to ensure effective program administration for farmers markets throughout MI

Program Administration

  • Identify and respond to program needs as identified by members of the DUFB team and staff members of FFN
  • Assist in the writing of the programmatic portions of grant reports and proposals
  • Manage external relationships with farmers to provide technical assistance for implementation of electronic pilots and farm stand program as appropriate
  • Coordinate logistics for team meetings and events
  • Prepare and summarize information for presentations and reports for FFN administered programs as needed and requested
  • Coordinate dissemination of external facing communications to diverse stakeholders including funders, partners, SNAP recipients, policy-makers, and general public
  • Assist in additional duties to ensure successful DUFB implementation
  • Share program experiences or observations with DUFB team based on participant input and time in the field


For more information about this job, and to apply, please click here.


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