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June 10, 2020

Bethany Christian Services strengthens and equips families to be the answer for vulnerable children, both in local communities and around the globe. We do this by protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services. Thousands of children are in need of the support and safety that comes from being part of a family. Bethany is on the front line of providing solutions.

the Foster Care Case Manager, you will be primarily responsible for providing social and case management services to children to include but not limited to reuniting the family, creating treatment plans, ensure the child’s safety, maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of all provided services, and conduct court appearances on assigned caseload in accordance with all applicable regulatory and accreditation standards.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

• Provide case management services, to include social work, counseling and treatment of clients, and coordinate community referrals;

• Ensure the child’s safety while in care;

• Coordinate intake and initial placement to all newly referred cases;

• Attend and be prepared for all court hearings that occur on assigned cases;

• Administer supportive social services to child, birth family, and foster family during initial placement and replacement;

• Administer case notes and documentation within MiSACWIS in a timely manner based on guidelines and procedures set forth;

• Stay abreast of all agency, federal, and state regulatory requirements related to social services;

• Complete other duties as assigned.

Preferred contact phone number: 616.284.3298

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