Posting: Outpatient Psychotherapist (1099 position)

March 9, 2021

Wise Mind PLLC is a psychotherapy practice that offers a supportive and team-oriented work
culture known for providing services for multiple concerns with known specialties for justiceinvolved
individuals and returning citizens, a variety of testing and assessments, trauma and
The culture, mission, and values of our agency are very important to us. We will be discussing
these directly at the interview and expect interested candidates to be able to personally speak to
these and how they apply in their clinical practice and philosophies. Please visit to learn more about the agency.
Locations: Ypsilanti, Howell, Monroe, Royal Oak, Jackson (all telehealth at this time)
Licensure: LLP, LP, LMSW, LPC licensure in the State of Michigan with no active complaints
or past sanctions against license (TLLP licensure will be considered if close to hour requirement
and has a scheduled examination and significant experience in a needed specialty).
*Preference will be given to therapists with advanced training and experience in specialty areas
needed (See below). Queer, trans, BIPOC, and QTBIPOC folx are strongly encouraged to apply.
Hours: 20+ billable client hours per week
Position Requirements & Duties
● Someone who is anti-racist, inclusive, sex-positive, and human rights-oriented;
preference for those willing to work collaboratively with some justice-involved
individuals and trauma
● Able to build partnerships with community referral sources
● Willingness to work in a Radical Candor environment of feedback. Information can be
reviewed at
● Maintain healthy and open working relationships with leadership, staff, and clients
● Understands HIPAA and confidentiality compliance with sensitive personal and medical
client data
● Comfort with Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, & Google products
● Strong and direct interpersonal communication skills with staff, clients, referral sources,
and legal personnel via phone, email, and in person, including strong interpersonal
● Ability to be self-directive, independent, and work efficiently
● Strong professional writing, analytical, and conceptualization skills
● Ability to exemplify the agency mission in speech and behavior
● Strong personal and clinical boundaries
● Comfort in working with personality disorders, manipulative clients, and mandated
treatment, although these populations does not need to be a primary area of focus for all
who apply
● Provide individual, group, couples, and/or family therapy, along with psychological
assessments of various kinds as able (group experience is highly preferred)
● Provide effective caseload management and complete accurate and timely documentation
within provided due dates, along with continuity of care concerns
● Provide compassionate, ethical, and individualized client treatment
● Have sound suicidal, homicidal, and criminality risk assessment skills
● Demonstrate the ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality with sensitive client
● A willingness to see both commercial and Medicaid-funded clients
● Attend monthly group case consultation meetings (as needed based on licensure or
● Maintain client retention rates of 75% of clients attend beyond 5 sessions
● Maintain good standing with the appropriate professional boards and insurance entities
● Complete all recommended continuing education requirements for license
● Stay current with updated research and best practices
● Obtain independent liability insurance coverage
● Provide example reports of prior psychological assessments (as applicable)
Traits of Those That Succeed at Wise Mind Include:
● Reliable
● Self-Directed
● Confident
● Resourceful at Solving Problems
● Detail-Oriented
● Sense of Humor
● Self-Aware
● Multi-Tasker
● Creative
● Collaborative
● Extremely Organized
● Systems-Oriented
● Efficient with Task Prioritizing, Task Completion, & Time Management
● Prioritizes Own Mental Health and Emotional Self-Regulation
● Strong Decision-Making Skills
● Flexible schedule (with at least one evening availability)
● Furnished office space
● Part of an integrative and diverse team of clinicians who focus on personal and
professional growth individual and as a team
● EMR system for chart mobility and HIPAA compliance
● In-House billing and administrative services
● Attractive pay commensurate with licensure, experience, specialties, and supervision
needs (1099 position)
● Therapist profile on agency website
● Wise Mind Email/Google Drive Account
● Monthly case consultations opportunities to maintain competence, get exposed to new
theoretical views, and maintain staff collaboration
Agency Clinical Needs:
● Have knowledge of the experiences of returning citizens, including post incarceration
syndrome and PTSD, court systems, trauma-informed care, therapeutic jurisprudence,
working in carceral systems, etc.
● EMDR Certified
● CSAT Certified
● ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist
● CSOTS or CSOTP certification
● Fully licensed clinicians who can provide supervision as one of their job duties (LP, LPC,
LMSW) for limited licensed therapists and therapists in training)
● Ability to work at more than one location
● Those who desires a primary practice around justice-involved clients
● Interest in running therapeutic and community groups
● Interest in developing and presenting community-based trainings
● Experience in treating addictions, sexual misbehavior, and personality psychopathology
● Weekend availability
● Training in neuropsychological, intelligence, autism, and personality testing
● Training in Driver’s License Restoration assessments
● Yoga teacher certification, especially in trauma-informed practices
● Therapists who have a justice-involved history
● Therapists that want to develop programs for the community and courts
We conduct a 2-part interview process that includes:
1. Brief Phone Interview
2. In person/Virtual Interview with therapeutic scenarios approximately 2 hours (3 professional
references and a writing sample are obtained at this interview)

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