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September 9, 2021

Applicants may contact:

Betty J. Smith,



Elmhurst Home, Inc.

POSITION: Clinical Supervisor – Mental health


RESPONSIBLE TO: Administrator


  • Responsible for the coordination and supervision of all clinical services for persons served, including: supervision and training of all clinical staff; timely audits, reviews and approvals of all documentation of clinical services, conducting fidelity checks of direct clinical services; and coordination of services with SUD staffing, Quality Assurance Staff, and Administrative Staff. Reports to EHI Administrator (Men) or Site Director (Women).


Staffing of Clinical Services:

  • Responsible for ensuring that all scheduled mental health clinical services (e.g., therapy groups, didactics, etc.) are staffed adequately each day, including providing direct services when necessary.
  • Continuously monitor census roster; adjust caseloads and caseload assignments as needed.
  • Continuously monitor admission and discharge reports; alert administration about any concerns noted.

Quality Maintenance of Direct Clinical Services:

  • Responsible for conducting and documenting fidelity checks (at least, quarterly) of group counseling sessions and didactics; provide feedback and, if necessary, additional training to each staff member.
  • Meet periodically with consumer group leaders to identify and discuss issues and concerns regarding direct services.
  • Coordinate closely with Quality Assurance staff to identify and resolve issues concerning Quality of Direct Services.

Quality Maintenance of Clinical Service Documentation:

  • Responsible for the development, maintenance, and quality of clinical documentation, ensuring that the requirements and expectations of all regulators (e.g., CARF) and funding agencies (e.g., SAMSHA, DWHIN, etc.) are met or exceeded.
  • Daily, timely and exhaustive reviews/audits of each consumer file (“Charts”) at each appropriate interval (intake, assessment and treatment planning, reviews/adjustments of treatment planning, discharge planning, etc.)
  • Provides detailed, specific, and timely feedback to each relevant staff member concerning quality issues with each chart at each review interval, ensures that all indicated corrections are completed before the supervisor approves and signs.

Supervision of Clinical Staff and Certified Peer Support Specialist:

  • Provides and documents monthly individual clinical supervision for each counselor and case manager.
  • Weekly supervision with peer support specialist regarding with working with the consumers, monitoring. Providing support, assisting peers and articulating their goals in recovery, learning and practicing new skills, helping them monitor their progress, supporting them in their treatment, modeling effective coping techniques and self-help strategies based on the specialist on recovery experiences, and supporting them in advocating for themselves to obtain effective services.
  • Provides in-depth orientation and training sessions, and continuous close supervision for newly hired clinical staff for at least the first 90 days (probation period).
  • Complete annual performance reviews for every clinical staff member (counselors, case managers, administrative service coordinator, etc.)
  • Plans and facilitates weekly clinical staff meetings.
  • Identifies training needs of clinical staff; coordinates with administration to have training needs met either internally or externally.
  • Participates in case conferences, mid-treatment reviews, utilization reviews, etc, as needed or requested.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Go to any meetings associated with DWIHN contract or any meetings assigned by administration
  • Any monthly reporting for contracts (e.g. mental health services, etc.)
  • Ensures that drug screens are conducted correctly and in a timely manner; responsible for final approval of drug screen records, statistics, and reports.
  • Responsible for final approval of written communication (e.g., absconder reports, etc.) with Criminal Justice Personnel (e.g. Probation and Parole Officers).
  • Supports and adheres to the policies, rules, and regulations of Elmhurst Home, Inc.
  • Performs any other duties as requested by the Administrator, the Site Director, or the Executive Director.


  • Master’s degree in health or human services, or behavioral science and a full license is required. Prefer (2) years’ experience in mental health and/or (1) years’ experience in chemical dependency.
  • Prefer experience in delivering cognitive/behavioral skills, DBT, and/or pro-social skills training.
  • Must be computer literate and able to learn and maneuver in various electronic medical record systems.
  • If recovering, shall have at least (5) years of consistent, verifiable sobriety and abstinence.
  • No active police warrants.
  • May not be on probation or parole.
  • May not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor for at least (8) years prior to application.
  • Must have no current case open with the Department of Corrections.
  • Must possess current driver’s license and auto insurance
  • LIEN Clearance

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