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October 5, 2021

Sanctum House Resident Advisor’s Roles & Responsibilities

Job Summary

The Residential Advisor (RA) is responsible for providing assistance in daily living tasks, personal care and support, and ensuring the personal safety and welfare of the residents of Sanctum House Program while serving as an effective role model.

Resident Advisors report directly to the Executive Director

Essential Functions:

  1. Resident advisor should provide instructions pertaining to acquisition of personal living skills requisite for independent community functions.
  2. Resident advisor should assist or show support to residents with their chores which includes: laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc.
  3. Residential advisor may travel outside the home for shopping, medical appointments, community integration, etc. which requires driving the Sanctum House van to transport individuals and following the Sanctum House vehicle policy.
  4. Resident advisors should accurately administer medications to each individual as directed and trained.
  5. Resident advisor should quickly react and take the lead during emergency situations concerning residents(i.e. falls, illnesses, fires, natural disasters, etc.); adheres to emergency preparedness and response procedures, ensuring the safety of the individuals; completes an incident report, notifies Executive Director of the incident within 24 hours, and follows policy regarding reporting an emergency.
  6. Resident Advisor should observe and report any changes in circumstances that could have a detrimental effect on the safety of residents (including the physical environment), any changes in condition or any complaints about care to the Executive Director.
  7. The resident advisor responds to, reports, and documents unusual incidents by completing an incident report.
  8. Resident Advisor should understand and respect the rights of each individual, maintain confidentiality of each individual, encourage individuals to exercise their rights, enhances their personal decision making and promotes self‐esteem.
  9. Resident Advisor should attend assigned/scheduled requested and mandatory educational and training programs; share newly acquired information with fellow employees; attend and participate in staff meetings.
  10. Resident Advisor should perform job assignments, with a positive attitude and in cooperation with others both inside and outside of Sanctum House.
  11. Residential Advisor should adhere to the Sanctum House policies and procedures.
  12. Resident Advisor should maintain a high level of dependability including attendance at work and punctuality.
  13. Resident Advisor should complete shift change report at the beginning and ending of every shift.
  14. The work hours of a Residential Advisor may vary (i.e. weekdays, evenings, weekends, and holidays).


We offer 24/7 care with comprehensive and integrated services that are based on Trauma-Informed principles.  We have opportunities available for females that are interested in joining.

Contact Karen Moore,; 248-574-9373 ext. 101 if you are interested.


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