Posting: Affirmations LGBTQ+ Community Center

December 16, 2021

General Description:
Reporting to the Behavioral Health Program Manager, Affirmations’ Care Manager is
responsible for providing care coordination services, supervising masters-level students
training in generalist Social Work practice, supervising care coordination, identifying and
vetting local resources, and ensuring all community members receive affirming and
affordable services and referrals. This position is expected to be a knowledgeable
advocate for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. This is a full time, salaried position
($45,000 - $55,000 per year) with a generous benefits package, including health, dental
and vision, 401k, life insurance, and paid time off. A flexible five day work week including
one weekend day is preferred, to be agreed upon with Behavioral Health Program
Required Qualifications:
● Master Social Worker (MSW)
● Personal and/or professional experience with the LGBTQ+ community
● Supervisory experience
● Excellent written, verbal, and electronic communication skills
● Highly organized with ability to keep accurate notes and records
● Availability to work some evenings and weekends
● Cultural humility and a strong, demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity,
and inclusion
● Comfort with learning new software tools
Preferred Qualifications:
● 2+ years of case management or care coordination experience
● LMSW-M (Licensed Master Social Worker-Macro designation )
● Lived and/or professional experience with Transgender, Two-Spirit, and/or
Non-Binary individuals
● Local knowledge about and connections to community health care and social
welfare resources
● Knowledgeable and experienced in trauma-informed care
● Experience using telehealth platforms
● Familiarity with Google Suite and TherapyNotes
● Experience maintaining HIPAA compliance
● Lived and/or professional experience with individuals with substance use
● Supervisory experience with master’s level social work candidates
Primary Responsibilities:
● Promote timely access to appropriate care
● Increase utilization of proactive and consistent care and resources
● Work independently and with discretion as it relates to job responsibilities,
decision making, supervision and management
● Increase comprehension through culturally and linguistically appropriate
● Recruit, onboard, train, supervise, and mentor masters-level care coordination
● Coordinate effectively with the rest of the Behavioral Health and Affirmations
● Vet, maintain, and promote community partnerships with affirming, local care
providers with the goal of facilitating wrap-around services for clients with high
need (i.e. without transportation, or shelter)
● Oversee care coordination provided by staff, interns, and lead volunteers
● Direct additions and revisions to the Affirmations’ Resource Guide through
referral process and debriefs
● Develop appropriate goal-focused, person-centered care plans containing
measurable goals and objectives; obtain client and other stakeholder
(guardians, family members, primary care providers, payers etc.) input as
● Connect clients to relevant community resources, with the goal of enhancing
client health, well-being, and overall satisfaction with care referrals
● Along with interns, serve as the contact point, advocate, and informational
resource for clients and relevant stakeholders
● Educate clients and stakeholders about relevant community resources
● Monitor adherence to care plans, evaluate effectiveness, and monitor client
progress in a timely manner, facilitating changes as needed
● Create and maintain ongoing process for clients and stakeholders to determine
and request the level of care coordination support they desire at any given
point in time
● Increase client’s self-efficacy, confidence, and ability to utilize supports for
shared decision-making
● Maintain HIPAA compliance and contribute to efforts to improve
● Respond to crisis situations at the community center and remotely
● Work with the Behavioral Health Program Manager and staff to regularly
monitor and evaluate the program to identify and implement improvements,
especially as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion
● Maintain and improve tracking and data collection for care coordination
● Provide occasional training related to preventative care, community resources,
and navigating systems for the community
● Contribute to the growth of care coordination services to eventually include
meetings with primary care and specialty providers, family/caregiver(s), care
team, payers, and community resources
● Collect and analyze feedback from clients to make improvements to services
● Complete Tobacco Treatment Specialist training
● Other responsibilities and duties as assigned
To apply, please email a resume/CV and a cover letter to
by January 2, 2022.
This job profile in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed
by the job holder. The holder of this position will be required to follow any other
instructions or perform other duties as requested by their supervisor. This is not meant to
be an exhaustive list of job duties. Essential elements may change if and when
It is the policy of Affirmations to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees
and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, height,
weight, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, HIV/AIDS status,
political affiliation, veteran status, familial status, disability status, or a Vietnam-era or
special disabled veteran, or other legally protected status in accordance with state or
federal law. The policy applies to recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, transfer,
compensation, benefits and all other aspects of employment .
At Affirmations we believe that diversity is a strength, and that services for LGBTQ+
people need to be relevant and responsive to the needs of those most marginalized in
our communities. Therefore, we strongly encourage applications from people with
marginalized identities.

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