The Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies (CADAS) provides advanced students with an interdisciplinary learning experience that examines biological, psychological, social, cultural, and public health perspectives on substance use. The program is designed for graduate students and professionals currently working in social work, nursing, public health, education, criminal justice, and related fields who realize the need for the specialized training on substance use and addictions. Adding the CADAS certificate to existing educational and/or work experience is likely to enhance an individual's career opportunities. For students interested in becoming a certified alcohol and drug counselor or prevention specialist, the CADAS coursework will help meet the education requirements of the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals. Read the university's gainful employment disclosure

Applications are accepted year-round and students may start any semester. 

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Eligibility for admission to the Graduate Certificate is limited to those holding a graduate degree from an accredited educational institution or actively pursuing a master's or doctoral degree at Wayne State University.

Applicants must meet the admissions standards of the Graduate School. 

Program requirements

To earn the CADAS certificate, the student must successfully complete 12 credits of approved courses for the certificate program. Up to 9 of the 12 credits may be applied to both the Certificate and the graduate degree, subject to approval of the relevant academic department and the certificate program coordinator. There is a three-year time limit in which to meet certificate program requirements.


The coursework consists of a total of 12 credits, including from a selection of introductory (one required), advanced (2 required) and biopsychosocial (1 required) courses in the order specified. Most students enroll in one or two courses per term. Courses are offered by several departments throughout the University and most are offered at least once per year. Students will work with their advisor to develop a plan for their coursework based on their background and career goals.

For students that have already completed a master's degree, the certificate is awarded when they have met all the requirements. For students earning the certificate concurrently with a master's or graduate degree, the certificate is awarded when all the requirements of the certificate and the degree have been met.

Additional program information and course

Admission process

Applications are accepted throughout the year and students may begin the program during any semester. Complete the Graduate Admissions application if you are new to Wayne State University and have never applied for graduate admission. Once you apply or if you are already a graduate student at Wayne State University, please make an appointment with Lawrence Robinson ( and then submit your application for the CADAS certificate program



Lawrence Robinson, Jr.
Advisor II

Stella Resko
CADAS Coordinator