Field instructor

Field instructors supervise students at their field placement site, with their primary role being educational. A field instructor is a Masters-level Social Worker (LMSW) with 2 years post-MSW experience and is eligible for licensure in the State of Michigan, or another qualified individual identified by the Wayne State University School of Social Work.  

Field Instructors must submit two evaluations per semester of each student they supervise. The Midterm Evaluation allows the Faculty Field Liaison and field instructor to assess progress and make any necessary changes. The Field Instructor Assessment of Student Competencies (FIASC) measures student competency in field placement and is based on competencies that form the foundation for Field Work courses. Field Instructors fill out the assessment, discuss the responses with their students, and submit the FIASC to the Faculty Field Liaision for review. Both the Midterm Evaluation and FIASC must be submitted through IPT.