Dual-Title Program in Social Work and Infant Mental Health extends application deadline to May 1st


The Dual-Title Program in Social Work and Infant Mental Health Deadline for Application has been extended to May 1st!

Do you believe the first 3 years of life are fundamental?

That supporting parents ultimately enriches the lives of children?

That intervening early can prevent many child behavior problems?

If so, you may want to consider a Dual-Title in Social Work and Infant Mental Health

Mother and infantWhat is Infant Mental Health?

Infant Mental Health (IMH) is a multi-disciplinary field focused on increasing the health and wellbeing of children birth through age five. Relationships in the earliest years of a child's life provide the basis for development and mental health across the lifespan. Infant mental health professionals provide services to support families with vulnerable children whose development is at risk. Infant Mental Health professionals recognize the importance of consistent and nurturing relationships with caregivers, which is influenced by the caregiver's own relational history, mental health, and life circumstances.

Family arguingWhat does the Dual-Title Program entail? 

The Dual-Title Program provides MSW students with specialized coursework and training in Social Work practice with infants, toddlers, young children and their families. Dual-Title students take additional coursework in IMH (using their elective credits and taking a small number of additional credits), are placed in IMH field placements and receive specialized support from program faculty.

Most importantly, our students GET JOBS after they graduate. 

Learn more about the Program.


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