It takes a village, Social Work doctoral graduates thank supporters

The Wayne State University School of Social Work is proud to congratulate our May 2020 doctoral graduates. Their commitment, strength and adaptability as they come together to support one another and our Detroit community over years of dedicated study is truly admirable. Welcome to the Social Work Warrior Alumni Community!

As they say, it takes a village, and for our doctoral graduates, they have received support along this journey and would like to take a moment to thank these individuals. 

Jeoung Min Lee, PhD

Jeong Min LeeI would like to acknowledge all the support I received to complete the Ph.D. program. First, Thanks to Drs. Hong, Stella, Gonzalez-Prendes, and Voisin, their dedicated guidance, and positive words of encouragement to overcome many challenges throughout the Ph.D. program. Also, my husband (Hae Soo Seo), sons (Eric and June), and my best friends (Larry, Susan, Ju Yeon, Alba, and Petra) have brought a lot of special fun memories since I have lived in the U.S., which were the source of my vital energy. All their support and love made my accomplishment possible. In the future, I will share the support and love with others. Thank you so much.


Lori Vanderwill, PhD

Lori VanderwillCompleting a dissertation requires a massive support network. I would like to thank all of my WSU supports, specifically my chair Dr. Suzanne Brown, Dr. Jun Sung Hong, Dr. Debra Patterson, Dr. Faith Hopp, and Dr. Richard Smith for their support and guidance throughout the doctoral program. My personal supports include my parents (Mary and George Wolfe), my partner in life (Jim Vanderwill), my children (Nadia/Aidan, Joshua, and Jacob), my sisters (Mary, Jennifer, and Amy), and best friends (Jill and Kristi). Their support, encouragement, and love made this achievement possible. I would also like to thank my WSU peers for their friendship, wisdom, and humor, I've learned so much from all of you. 

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