Journey to Licensure: Social Work now offering online clinical practice exam

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Social workers can be found in every facet of society working with individuals, families, organizations and communities. Many of these positions require licensure by the state and preparing for the exam can be a daunting task involving months of study. In an effort to support our social work community on their journey to licensure, the Wayne State University (WSU) School of Social Work Office of Continuing Education is proud to offer a subscription to the Social Work Examination Services (SWES) online clinical practice exam.

The art of taking multiple-choice exams can be tricky. That is why I am excited that we can offer social workers a chance to take 2 four-hour timed clinical exams. These exams will help social workers learn to assess what they believe to be the right answer while measuring their growth and preparedness along the way. – Shantalea Johns, EdD, WSU Social Work Continuing Education Director

Lawrence Robinson smiling
Lawrence Robinson, LLMSW after he passed the licensure exam

Open to students, alumni and community members, the online 90-day subscription includes 2 four-hour timed clinical exams with 170 questions drawn from a question bank of 700 practice questions. Subscribers are also provided access to a mini-clinical exam test with 30 questions. Both exams can be taken up to three times from the comfort of one’s home at a time that works for them. “I liked that the practice exam was challenging,” stated Lawrence Robinson, LLMSW, WSU Social Work MSW Advisor. “Although the questions were very lengthy (opposite of the real exam), the topics and style of questioning were relevant to the type of questions I encountered on the actual ASWB exam. I also took advantage of the instant report feature that told me which questions I got wrong and included an explanation of the correct answer. While taking the practice exam I thought I was going to score horribly but when I passed, it gave me confidence that could conquer the real exam – which I did!”

As an added bonus, subscribers are given unlimited access to study and test-taking resources via the WSU Social Work Licensure Exam Hub on Canvas. Organized by WSU Social Work Continuing Education Director Shantalea Johns, EdD, and WSU Academic Success Center Study Skills Academy Associate Director Angela Zanardelli Sickler, the Hub provides tips on using retrieval practices to boost learning, the science behind taking multiple-choice exams and how to manage test anxiety.  “More important than knowing what content the exam will cover is understanding how to approach the content,” stated Sickler. “The Canvas module is designed to guide you through the exam preparation process using evidence-based learning strategies.”

The exam is offered at a tiered discounted rate ranging from $20 to $75 and can be purchased via the WSU Social Work online store.

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