News and Activities July 2017

Assistant Jun Sung Hong recevied the following Wayne State University awards:

  • Junior Faculty Award from the Wayne State University Academy of Scholars (2017-2018)
  • 2017 Teaching Award from the School of Social Work (2016-2017)

Chicago will never be the same! Enter, Javier…

Born in a garbage dump in Oaxaca, Mexico, Javier was recently adopted by a loving couple in June 2017. The Morales family noticed Javier two years earlier on a mission trip with Lauree Emery, Lecturer and Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development in the School of Social Work. The Morales vowed to provide a wonderful home for this beautiful child, and they kept their promise. Javier has been learning to talk during the past two years, and he is quickly becoming bilingual. Emery went to Oaxaca in late June to finalize the adoption process and Javier was excited about the plane trip, and overjoyed to meet his new family. Javier was greeted with tears of joy and many hugs by his new parents and extended family at the Chicago O’Hare airport. His new life has begun…

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