Social Work Spotlight: Meet Research Assistant Lindsey Birrell

Lindsey Birrell smilingFor Lindsey Birrell, research and coursework extend far beyond the classroom. Lindsey uses the social work knowledge she is gaining while pursuing her MSW degree at Wayne State and the skills she has learned as a research assistant in the Center for Social Work Research to advance domestic violence prevention in her community. Lindsey currently assists various faculty members with research projects and the Center with external grant contracts. Lindsey has been a student at Wayne State since 2015 and earned a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2019.

Why did you choose to work at WSU?

I loved the idea of working for the School for the networking possibilities. Being in and around my peers and professors has proven to be a great asset in my educational path.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite part of working in the Center for Social Work Research is learning about so many different areas of the field of social work. There are such varied types of research happening and I am able to indulge a bit in each type while doing my work!

How do you empower social change in your community?

I use my research knowledge in combination with my knowledge of social work to aid the domestic violence prevention non-profit called The ENOUGH Initiative.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Take any offered experiences. Use those opportunities to learn more and network with those in your field or similar fields.

How can the community learn more about research taking place in the School?

Visit our Center for Social Work Research and Center for Behavioral Health and Justice for information on how faculty, staff and students partner with local organizations to conduct research that benefits the community, cultural humility and advances social justice.

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