April 2018: School of Social Work Faculty Publication Highlights

For over 80 years, the Wayne State University School of Social Work has been a recognized national leader in engaged research, education, practice and policy development. Innovative Social Work faculty have utilized our prime urban location in the heart of Midtown Detroit to challenge minds, lead change and transform lives across the U.S. and globally.

Our mission to transmit, develop, critically examine, and apply knowledge to advance social work practice and social welfare policy is displayed in the sampling of recent publications from our faculty and students below.  We encourage you to take a moment and learn about the research taking place here at the School of Social Work.  

For additional information on our research and the selection of recently published articles below visit the Center for Social Work Research website.

1 Research Assistant and Doctoral Student Danielle D. Hicks, Associate Professor Debra Patterson and Associate Professor Stella Resko

“Lessons Learned from iCare: A Postexamination Text-Messaging-Based Program with Sexual Assault Patients.”
Journal of Forensic Nursing

Hicks, D. L., Patterson, D., & Resko, S. (2017). Lessons learned from iCare: A postexamination text-messaging-based program with sexual assault patients. Journal of Forensic Nursing, 13(4), 160-167.

2 Assistant Professor Tam Perry

“Preserving Senior Housing in a Changing City: Innovative Efforts of an Interprofessional Coalition.”
Public Policy & Aging Report

Perry, T. E., Archambault, D., & Sanford, C. (2018). Preserving senior housing in a changing city: Innovative efforts of an interprofessional coalition. Public Policy & Aging Report, 27(suppl_1), S22-S26.



Associate Professor Richard Smith

“Aging in Place in Gentrifying Neighborhoods: Implications for Physical and Mental Health.”
The Gerontologist

Smith, R. J., Lehning, A. J., & Kim, Kyeongmo M. (in press). Aging in place in gentrifying neighborhoods: Implications for physical and mental health. The Gerontologist.



Assistant Professor Megan Piel

“Examining Risk, Strengths, and Functioning of Foster Families: Implications for Strengths-Based Practice.”
Journal of Family Social Work

Julien-Chinn, F. J., Cotter, K. L., Piel, M. H., Geiger, J. M., & Lietz, C. A. (2017). Examining risk, strengths, and functioning of foster families: Implications for strengths-based practice. Journal of Family Social Work, 20(4), 306-321




Assistant Professor Lisa O'Donnell

“Social Aspects of the Workplace Among Individuals with Bipolar Disorder.”
Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research

O’Donnell, L., Himle, J. A., Ryan, K., Grogan-Kaylor, A., McInnis, M. G., Weintraub, J., ... & Deldin, P. (2017). Social aspects of the workplace among individuals with bipolar disorder. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 8(3), 379-398.

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