For 86 years, the Wayne State School of Social Work has worked to create and advance social work knowledge while preparing a diverse student body for social work practice that promotes social justice, with a particular focus on urban communities. Faculty and students are immersed in our Detroit community which boasts a distinct history and set of challenges and opportunities that offer lessons and insights for social work practice in agencies and organizations in diverse urban environments. The blogs below, written by faculty and students, explore some of the many topics and experiences impacting our Detroit community. 

Yoga Therapy for Burnout - Part 1

Posted: March 3, 2022
Author: Caitlin Brown, LMSW-Macro, E-RYT 500, Social Work Part-time Faculty

This blog post will explain what burnout and compassion fatigue (also called empathy fatigue) are, common signs and symptoms, and various perspectives on burnout and compassion fatigue. Perspectives from the Western medical model, yoga and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) will be explored. Part 2 will describe how yoga therapy can serve both as a treatment approach for existing BO and CF and as tool for prevention.

Yoga Therapy for Burnout - Part 2

Posted: March 10, 2022
Author: Caitlin Brown, LMSW-Macro, E-RYT 500, Social Work Part-time Faculty

This blog post is a continuation of Yoga Therapy for Burnout. In this post, utilizing the perspectives of yoga and Ayurveda, various tools can be used to address burnout and compassion fatigue. These tools can address not only the symptoms, but also some of the underlying causes. The tools are not one-size-fits-all but rather can be modified or used in various combinations depending on how burnout and compassion fatigue are manifesting in the individual. Furthermore, these tools of yoga can also be used for self-care, to help prevent BO and CF before they manifest.

Reiki and the Chakras

Posted: April 7, 2023
Author: Paige Lehoux Kasper, MSW Student 

This blog discusses the use of chakra in Reiki therapy. A chakra is a point of intersection between the body and the mind. There are seven major chakras that are each associated with a level of consciousness and elements. Reiki therapy is used to balance the chakra system. It is a form of healing therapy that is practiced through nonmanipulative, noninvasive delicate touch. This blog examines the history, philosophical and theoretical foundations, and training of chakra and Reiki practice. Along with its relation to social work practice. 

Body Scan Meditation

Posted: April 14, 2023
Author: Emily Ryan, MSW Student

A body scan meditation is a meditative practice that involves mindfully scanning the body for sensation and noticing those sensations without judgment. The practice is intended to improve well-being by increasing somatic awareness and connection to the body, along with reducing stress and tension.

Forest Bathing

Posted: April 21, 2022
Author: Megan Bizoukas, MSW student

Forest bathing can best be described as immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the forest. Put even more simply, it can be reduced to the act of merely walking within a natural environment and being present in that moment amongst nature.

Autogenic Training

Posted: April 28, 2022
Author: Alissa Q. Sneed, M.A., TLLP, Gerontology Certificate Student

Autogenic training is a self-hypnosis relaxation technique that can help reduce the symptoms of many health concerns, including depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Autogenic means, "generated from within" and uses the mind to relax the body.

Mindful Breathing

Posted: May 5, 2022
Author: Dajana Ibradzic, MSW Student

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment. It includes focusing on your breathing, thoughts, and body without judgement.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Posted: May 12, 2022
Author: Dave Hartman
, MSW Student

There are various applications for the use of Singing Bowls or Dhwani Patra; healing, treatment, purifying space and mediation, among others (Subedi, 2016).  Most all applications involve striking the side of the bowls with a fist or a leather-wrapped or wooden mallet.

Mirroring in Dance/Movement Therapy

Posted: May 19, 2022
Author: Madison Magness, MSW Student

Mirroring in Dance/Movement Therapy (as well as drama therapy), otherwise known as the Mirror Game, is a practice used to gain a greater sense of empathy and understanding between a clinician and a client or members of a group through imitating or "mirroring" each other's movements.