Research & Centers

Research is the bedrock of social work practice, ensuring that individuals, families and communities receive the most effective, innovative and culturally attuned interventions and treatments that social workers are able to provide. At the Wayne State University School of Social Work, we have committed faculty, staff, funding and additional resources to two specialized centers, which impact our profession and the quality of life in our home, Detroit, across the state of Michigan and around the globe.

We encourage you to visit our center websites and learn about their services, training and expertise.

Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

The Center for Behavioral Health and Justice (CBHJ) provides local communities, organizations, and behavioral health and law enforcement agencies across Michigan with expertise, evaluation, support, training, and technical assistance to optimize diversion of individuals from jail and prison through the implementation of best and innovative practices at every intercept of the criminal justice continuum.

Center for Social Work Research

The Center for Social Work Research (CSWR) generates and disseminates knowledge that improves the lives of disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities through a comprehensive approach to research, consultation and information dissemination. The CSWR provides access to a range of resources for faculty, students, and organizational, institutional and community members.