Posting: Forensic Nurse Examiner

October 2, 2020

CLASSIFICATION: Part-time Exempt
GENERAL DESCRIPTION & QUALIFICATIONS: The Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) is part of a team of nurses that provides 24/7 emergency medical care and evidence collection for sexual assault survivors. Under the supervision of the Program Administrator, the FNE follows established protocols in providing medical forensic examinations and is responsible for coordinating with the Program Administrator to maintain 24/7 nursing coverage. The FNE stays current with forensics changes and trends and assists in the sustainably and advancement of Turning Point’s FNEP by providing presentations as requested by community partners (i.e. law enforcement, colleges, hospital ER staff, etc.). The FNE coordinates case management and follow-up appointments for patients when needed, and assists with monthly billing, data entry, and maintaining FNEP offices. The FNE assists with training staff members and coordinating nursing continuing education credits that are imperative for nursing licensure and forensic nursing credits. Travel is required between FNEP sites. The FNE is an active member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses and the Michigan Chapter of International Association of Forensic Must be able to work with diverse populations. Must have reliable transportation, insurance, a valid Michigan Driver’s License and a good driving record. Must pass a criminal background check as a condition of employment. Salary Range: $33,000 - $40,000
1. Implement agency and program mission and empowerment philosophy.
2. Administer and implement agency policies and procedures.
3. Maintain agency policy on confidentiality, record keeping and professional ethics.
4. Perform medical-forensic examinations of sexual assault patients and suspects.
5. Dispense prophylactic medications under the direction of the Program Medical Director per standing orders.
6. Coordinates case management and follow up care for patients as needed.
7. Assists in covering and maintaining the on-call schedule for FNEP.
8. Provides 24/7 accountability up to 12 days per month.
9. Assists in planning, organizing, and maintaining the FNEP.
10. Assists with collecting and inputting statistical data and reports.
11. Participates in quality and peer review process.
12. Provide fact/expert witness testimony when required.
13. Abide by agency policies, procedures, contracts, rules, and regulations.
14. Collaborate with other professionals, programs, and community agencies that provide services to patients of sexual assault.
15. Participate in the planning, development, promotion, and delivery of professional training seminars for staff and other responding agencies.
16. Participates in applicable staff, committee meetings, and other meeting deemed necessary by Turning Point.
17. Cooperates with all other Turning Point programs to achieve organizational goals.
18. Perform duties as assigned by the CEO and Program Administrator.
1. Current RN license in the State of Michigan
2. Current IAFN Member
3. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferred
4. Five years prior nursing experience preferred
5. Prior experience with sexual assault patients
6. Demonstrated competence in physical assessment, including pelvic examinations
7. Ability to communicate with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds
8. Ability to utilize computer for day to day tasks
9. Demonstrated leadership ability
10. Excellent written, interpersonal, and oral communications skills
11. Completion of Adult/Adolescent SANE basic training in accordance with IAFN guidelines
12. Completion of Pediatric SANE basic training in accordance with IAFN guidelines
13. Current SANE-A Certification from the IAFN preferred, agreement to obtain certification if not already certified
1. Must reliably travel to FNEP sites, hospitals etc. where services are requested
2. Must allow for flexibility in schedule to ensure 24/7 access for services

Interested persons should submit a cover letter and resume to:
Or mail to: Turning Point
Attn: Vicki Putnam
PO Box 1123
Mt. Clemens, MI 48046
No phone calls will be accepted.
Individuals with diverse backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. Turning Point is an equal opportunity/equal access organization fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.

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