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March 11, 2021

Who We Are

Connally Counseling is a small company that contracts with therapists to enhance and sustain
the health and well-being of all persons served. Connally Counseling prides ourselves in
utilizing an intersectional social justice framework in the provision of our services and more
specifically aim to provide evidence-based and affirming care for the Transgender, Gender
Nonconforming, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Intersex, Ace, and Kink communities. We do
this through the provision of mental health services, community-focused programming,
empowerment of individual community members, provision of essential information and
resources, advocacy for civil and human rights; and the embracing, promoting, affirming, and
supporting of human diversity.

Position Description

Connally Counseling has an opening for a contractual mental health therapist. This position
would require the maintenance of a minimum of 20 client per week caseload. This candidate
must have a passion for working with individuals that experience oppression, be able to work
with youth and their families, possess excellent communication skills, enjoy collaboration, be
driven, utilize frequent reflection, be comfortable asking questions, and timely in record keeping
and documentation.

Core Responsibilities

- Provide Individual and/or family therapy to children, youth, families, and young adults
with a minimum caseload of 20 clients per week.
- Conduct Bio/psycho/social/spiritual/cultural assessments and develop treatment plans
with clients.
- Employ an intersectional and affirming social justice framework in practice.
- Assess client’s safety, collaborate in the creation of safety plans, and provide referrals to
the appropriate level of care when necessary.
- Participate in supervision and company meetings.
- Maintain consistent and timely documentation of service
Position Requirements
- State license to practice therapy in Michigan (LLMSW/LMSW, TLLP/LLP/LP)
- A Master of Social Work, Master of Arts in Psychology required.

Preferred Requirements

- Clinical experience working with youth, families, and young adults.
- Experience working with diverse and underserved populations.
- Experience working with members of the LGBTQQIA+ community using an affirming
intersectional social justice lens.
- Knowledge of working with individuals on the autism spectrum or who live with anxiety,
depression, trauma(s), injustice, and oppressed identities.
- Training, or interest, in the provision of gender affirming services.

Individuals who are gender non-conforming, transgender, gender fluid, gender-expansive,
lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, polyamorous, people of color, disabled or hold other
oppressed identities are strongly encouraged to apply.

We consider ourselves to be a teaching
facility. We take pride in training and supporting new clinicians.
Please email with a cover letter and resume to be considered
for the position.

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