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May 26, 2022

POSITION TITLE:  Supports Coordinator

REPORTS TO:  Team Director

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Supports Coordinator is responsible for the provision of person-driven services on behalf of assigned individuals. The Supports Coordinator must adhere to Person Centered Planning principles, the Michigan Mental Health Code, and professional standards and code of ethics in the delivery of services/supports to persons served. Supports Coordination services are performed in ways that assist and empower each person to pursue rights, benefits, and privileges of citizenship, independence, and community inclusion.


Works with persons assigned and their significant others (such as family member/s, friends, advocates, legal representatives/guardians, personal assistants/support staff), as the person requests, to develop the Person Centered Plan of Service (PCPOS).

Prepares a Supports Coordination Assessment for each individual served. Coordinates and/or facilitates the PCPOS Meeting for each person at least annually, and more frequently if person desires/requests to address their evolving support/service needs.

Enters the services agreed to in the PCPOS into the LEXICON and MH-WIN System or other computer-based/electronic record keeping system, as required, and maintains the service authorizations in accordance with the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network guidelines, throughout the duration of the PCPOS.

Meets with the individual at least once per month in their home and quarterly in the vocational setting/workshop/school (unless otherwise requested by the person and documented in the PCPOS). Completes monthly Supports Coordination Clinical Contact Logs reflecting status, quality, and appropriateness of services provided to individuals served, and any action to be taken to address issues/concerns.

Routinely monitors and assures quality services of the residential provider, staffing agent, and other facilities and programs providing services to individuals. Initiates appropriate actions to address any problems or deficiencies.

Facilitates and monitors services provided to individuals and their progress in relationship to needs, dreams and desires identified during the person centered planning process.

Testifies in Probate Court regarding need for guardianship and recommended scope of guardianship, as needed/requested.

Identifies barriers to progress and documents efforts made to eliminate those barriers.

Participates in the annual Individual Educational Planning Committee if the individual is still in school; assists individuals to develop natural supports/support circles.

Aids in the securing of legal representation (e.g., power of attorney, legal guardian), when deemed necessary.

Assists individuals, families and other identified support persons in locating and obtaining necessary, available community resources.

Works closely with the individual to assure his/her on-going satisfaction with the process and outcomes of the supports, services, and resources provided.

Provides follow-up with individuals, families, personal assistants/support staff, legal representatives/guardians, and other support systems to problem solve and assure that the person’s individual needs are being met.

Coordinates support services and provides crisis intervention with appropriate documentation.

Supports the individual to assist with, or perform, the following tasks: 1) Secure and schedule support staff and obtain training for that staff, 2) Train and/or assist with individual empowerment and advocacy, 3) Manage and coordinate finances, 4) Oversee health and safety, 5) Arrange access to emergency assistance, such as Lifeline, 6) Procure generic community resources, 7) Problem-solve pro-actively, 8) Develop and maintain positive, meaningful relationships, 9) Pursue desired housing-related outcomes (e.g., roommates and subsidies), 10) Pursue vocational and/or employment opportunities, 11) Lead the support planning meetings, 12) Obtain and maintain benefits and entitlements (e.g., Medicaid, SSI, etc.), 13) Obtain and/or maintain guardianship or other less restrictive alternatives to guardianship.

Performs traditional case management functions including, assessment, support plan development, linking and coordination of supports and services, reassessment and follow- up, and monitoring of services and supports; assists the person in obtaining services that assure community inclusion, choice, physical and social inclusion, maximum protection and security.

Participates and supports the pursuit of desired housing, e.g., location, roommates, subsidies, environmental modifications, self-determination process and related budgets and leases.

Assists in maintaining appropriate licensing, agency and departmental standards and practices by contract providers in coordination with other relevant Wayne Center staff/departments.

Assists in access to entitlements such as Social Security Benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid Waiver Certification/Recertification, Section 8 Housing and other benefits to which the individual may be entitled.

Processes billings, claims, accountability forms/reports that are routinely submitted by the contract providers, legal guardians, schools, etc. Completes Service Activity Logs (SALs) and service authorization requests required by the Detroit Wayne  Integrated Health Network.

Completes documentation according to agency procedures and external agency regulatory requirements.

Participates in relevant workshops, seminars, conferences and inservices as approved by management and required to complete at least 24 hours of professional skill development activity each fiscal year.


Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) with specialized training (including fieldwork and/or internships associated with the academic curriculum where the student works directly with persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities as part of that experience) OR one year of experience in treating or working with a person who has intellectual disability; AND is a psychologist, physician, educator with a degree in education from an accredited program, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, behavior analyst, registered nurse, registered dietician, therapeutic recreation specialist, a licensed/limited-licensed professional counselor, OR a human services professional with at least a bachelor’s degree in a human services field.

  • (Every year at the time of their licensing and/or credential renewal, evidence five hours of QIDP, five hours of Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and 24 hours of Children’s Mental Health Professional (CMHP) training (if assigned to children’s team).

Current licensure in the State of Michigan as a Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker or a Licensed Master’s Social Worker, a Limited Licensed Psychologist, or as a Licensed or Limited License Professional Counselor in which applicable.

Basic computer skills; proficiency with Microsoft Word, preferred.

Adjusted hours and extensive travel may be required in executing the duties and responsibilities of this position, e.g., travel to homes, schools, vocational settings, hospitals, medical offices, and other community locations, as needed.

Extensive scheduled and non-scheduled local travel is an essential function of this position. Employees are expected to provide their own transportation. Maintenance of a valid driver’s license, an acceptable driving record, and vehicle insurance in compliance with State of Michigan requirements are all continuing conditions of employment. If the employee must provide alternative forms of transportation, they are responsible for assuring that the alternative form of transportation complies with these directives.


Minimum of six months experience working with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities is desired.


Job specific training will be provided by the Team Director.


I hereby certify that I have had the opportunity to review, and have received a copy of, the Supports Coordinator position description.


Lucas Gogliotti, LMSW Assistant Director of Programs

(313)-871-2337 ext 262

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