Posting: AmeriCorps Strategy Developer- CEDAM, Remote/Lansing MI

March 10, 2023

CEDAM is seeking a consultant to help develop an AmeriCorps program dedicated to environmental stewardship. The consultant will investigate community needs, funding opportunities, and current AmeriCorps programs to ultimately create a recommendation on how to proceed. This position is a one-year contract position, beginning on April 1, 2023 and ending March 31, 2024. The full compensation amount is $75,000. 


The Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) is a nonprofit membership association building vibrant communities across Michigan. Our capacity-building programs, policy advocacy, and training events emphasize supporting communities in the areas of affordable housing, economic growth, and wealth-building at both the federal and state levels. Through engagement and collaboration with CEDAM members, policymakers, state departments, and other partners, we sustain a thriving and equitable community economic development sector across the state.

CEDAM celebrates diversity of all kinds and is committed to providing a welcoming and non-discriminating environment for all who seek to work with us. Candidates can find additional information at


CEDAM currently hosts two award winning AmeriCorps programs which place 25 individuals across the state within nonprofit organizations. The two existing programs focus on supporting economic inclusion efforts and increasing capacity for community organizations. 

CEDAM’s 2021 membership capacity needs assessment highlighted a need for additional support around climate mitigation efforts. In fact, 29% of our members provide weatherization services and 33% are doing green space/park development. However, there is a clear need for capacity around this work as 60% of CEDAM member organizations reported a need for additional support for energy saving resources. This information, the Governor’s implementation of the MI Healthy Climate Plan, and data that shows climate change disproportionately impacts Michiganders who are Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color, drives our effort to investigate how to best meet these needs.


The AmeriCorps Strategy Developer will be an integral part of CEDAM’s capacity building team. This position will be managed by the director of capacity building and work in collaboration with our team of program managers and coordinators. The scope of work is as follows:

Fund development (45%)

The person in this position will pursue funding opportunities to secure program sustainability in 2024 and beyond. They will:

  • Research funding opportunities aligned with CEDAM’s AmeriCorps program design
  • Work with director of capacity building to build relationships with potential funders and expand relationships with with current partners
  • Write and submit grant proposals

Partnership building (30%)

The person in this position will spend time purposefully building relationships with potential host sites and other partners. They will:

  • Assess current partners in the field and identify gaps in locations, populations served, etc.
  • Create and implement an outreach strategy based on information learned in the assessment
  • Be present in the community to build relationships as identified
  • Participate in CEDAM regional event planning to ensure Climate Corps goals are met
  • Represent CEDAM’s AmeriCorps at statewide events

Research AmeriCorps program feasibility (25%)

The person in this position will develop and design a program based on current needs and findings. They will:

  • Research other AmeriCorps programs in the environmental stewardship space
  • Design AmeriCorps program including theory of change, logic model, and intervention
  • Write and submit an AmeriCorps program proposal 

This is not solely a “desk job.” The AmeriCorps Strategy Developer will spend part of their time designing and implementing program tools. However, to be successful, they will also need to thrive out in the field. The person in this position can expect to travel approximately during a quarter of their time.

To be successful in this role, you will need to work approximately 40 hours a week, most of which will take place during CEDAM’s standard office hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm).


The ideal candidate is excited to drive a brand new program, will have successfully secured funds for grant funded programs, is proficient in Google Suite and has a desire to learn unfamiliar technology platforms, and shares our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

The ideal candidate is an experienced peer who has an understanding of the community economic development world. To us, experience doesn’t mean more years in the field, more money secured, or bigger programs managed— just that when you read the scope of work listed above, you have done about 60 percent or more of the things listed.

Flexible – Willing to communicate with your colleagues and partners through different mechanisms throughout the day, including via Slack, Zoom, phone and/or email.

Unflappable – Committed to creative problem-solving, even under pressure.

Relational – Excited to develop meaningful professional relationships with each member of the team and external partners.

Diplomatic – Able to balance competing priorities and plan without compromising our organizational integrity.

Curious – Motivated by utilizing research to find creative solutions.


CEDAM’s office is based in Lansing, and we meet in person twice per month in the office. Outside of those meetings, you will be expected to be in the office and/or Lansing as needed, but most staff work remotely. The AmeriCorps Strategy Developer need not be based in Lansing full-time.

This position requires regular statewide travel. Travel is reimbursed at the IRS rate, and applicants do not need to own a car to be considered.


This position is a one-year contract position, beginning on April 1, 2023 and ending March 31, 2024. The full compensation amount is $75,000. Payment will be provided in equal increments on the last day of each month. Fringe benefits will not be provided.


To apply, you will click through to a Google form. In this process we are seeking someone that pays attention to detail and follows directions. Please read the following application instructions carefully. On the form, you will provide:

  • Two to three paragraphs telling us why you are interested in this position and how you believe you meet the qualifications.
    • By paragraph we mean a set of three to seven sentences, the total length should be no more than twenty-one sentences.
    • You will not receive more or less consideration because of a shorter or longer message.
    • DO NOT send a cover letter. 
  • Your work/skills/training history as an attachment OR a link to your LinkedIn profile.
    • We do not have a preference on which one
    • You will not receive special consideration for sending both
    • Our aim is to understand where you have worked before and the type of roles you’ve had. 


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