Request for Grade Appeal Instructions

Grade Review Policy

It is the instructor's prerogative to evaluate student work and assign grades in accordance with his/her academic and professional judgment based on the grading procedures published in the course syllabus found in the section for Grading and Assignments. *Grounds for appeal of grades are: 1. Application of non-academic criteria in the grading process, as listed in the university's non-discrimination/affirmative action statue: race, color, sex (including gender identity), national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, familial status, marital status, height, weight, disability, or veteran status; 2. Sexual harassment or discrimination; 3. Evaluation of student work by criteria not directly reflective of performance related to course requirements.

Grade Appeal Request Procedures

Informal Review

Prior to petitioning for a formal Grade Appeal, the student shall discuss the disputed course grade with the course instructor and provide a substantive rationale to the instructor for consideration of a grade change. Instructors are expected to respond to the student's request for a review of the disputed grade within 10 business days. If there is no informal resolution, the student may then elect to initiate a formal Grade Appeal Request. Once a student determines that initiating a grade appeal is in his/her best interest, it is strongly recommended that the student contact the assigned academic advisor for guidance/advisement to begin the formal Grade Appeal process.

In instances where the university schedule or other circumstances occur so that faculty members may be unavailable to participate in an Informal Grade Review discussion, the student may proceed straight to the formal Grade Appeal Process.

Formal Appeal Procedures

  1. Within thirty (30) days following official notification of grades through the university Academica system for the term in which the disputed grade was awarded, and when the informal review fails to resolve the dispute, the student is to fill out the Grade Appeal Form. For assistance with the appeal process, you may contact Sarah Doyle, Associate Director Scheduling and Administration at Submission of this form serves as the official request to the WSU School of Social Work for the appeal of a course grade.  
  2. The student is to next submit a letter petitioning the instructor for reconsideration of a change in grade, along with any documentation that supports the student's request.  The letter to the instructor should include:
    1. A statement identifying the grade the student believes he/she has earned in the course.
    2. A precise statement of the details that constitute the objections to the course grade awarded, along with any supporting documentation for the appeal. (The student's objections to the course grade must be consistent with the grounds for appeal of grades as outlined in the *Grade Review Policy).
  3. The course instructor shall provide a written and dated response to the student's petition for the grade change within 10 business days.  The instructor's response to the student should address each of the student's objections to the course grade.
  4. If the dispute remains unresolved, the student shall submit a letter of petition for a grade change to the Dean of the SSW within 10 business days of receiving the instructor's response. The letter of petition should include the grade the student believes was earned in the course, the details of the student's objections to the grade awarded, along with supporting documentation which should include the letter from the course instructor denying reconsideration of the grade change.
    1. The grade the student believes he/she earned in the course,
    2. The details of the student's objections to the grade awarded,
    3. Any supporting documentation, which must include the letter from the course instructor denying reconsideration of the student's petition for a grade change.
  5. The final decision for granting the appeal of the grade rests with the Dean of the SSW.  When deemed appropriate, the Dean may refer the appeal to the Student Academic Review Committee for resolution.  Students and the course instructor will be notified of the decision within 30 business days after the Dean receives the request. The Dean's decision shall be the final decision at the college level.

University Level Academic Appeals Procedure      

If, after your School/College appeal path is exhausted and you wish to continue with the grade appeal process, per the University Academic policy, you may request a Provost Review within 30 days of this decision. The request should be submitted via this online form For assistance with the appeal process, you may contact the Ombuds Office at