It takes a village, 2021 Social Work doctoral graduates thank supporters

The Wayne State University School of Social Work is proud to congratulate our May 2021 doctoral graduates. Their determination, strength, and adaptability as they come together to support one another and our Detroit community over years of dedicated study is truly admirable. Sarah Mountain, PhD and Markus Whitehead, PhD join a doctoral alumni family of over 20 graduates and a full WSU social work alumni community of 14,000.

As they say, it takes a village, and our doctoral graduates have received significant support along this journey. Below they have taken a moment to thank their supporters. 

Sarah Mountain smiling


Sarah Mountain, PhD 

I would like to acknowledge the unwavering support from my committee; Dr. Hong (dissertation chair), Dr. Lean, Dr. Kral and Dr. Burlaka. Their support and guidance helped me to overcome numerous challenges. I owe a debt of gratitude to my family. Their love and encouragement was monumental in the completion of my degree; my husband, Brett Mountain, our children; Matilda, Sadie and Milo, my parents Marc and Randie Kruman and my sister and brother; Elizabeth and Benjamin Kruman. My research has been dedicated in loving memory of my grandmother; Florence Kruman; you continue to inspire me to make the world a better place.

Sarah successfully defended her dissertation, "Resiliency in Adolescents, Risk-Taking Behaviors and Protective Factors: Examining the Relationship Among African American Adolescents in Chicago's Southside," in March 2021. 


Markus Whitehead smiling


Markus Whitehead, PhD 

I am honored and equally humbled to have been given the opportunity and privilege to complete my dissertation and PhD requirements here at Wayne State University. I would like to thank my dissertation committee members Dr. Faith Hopp (dissertation chairperson), Dr. Debra Patterson, Dr. Shirley Thomas and Dr. Wanda Edwards for your support, faith and encouragement in helping me achieve this educational milestone. Further, I want to acknowledge and thank my wonderful wife Diana Whitehead and the rest of my family for their support, love and sacrifice while I was on this journey!

Markus successfully defended his dissertation, "The Military Promotion Process: The Lived Experiences of African American Women in the Military," in February 2021.

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