Social Work Spotlight: Meet MSW Academic Advisor Lawrence Robinson

Lawrence RobinsonA native of Saginaw, MI, Lawrence Robinson began his education journey at Wayne State in 2008 and went on to earn a Bachelors in Psychology and an Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree as a core student in the macro Innovation in Community, Policy and Leadership (I-CPL) concentration. Lawrence currently works as an MSW Program Advisor helping students achieve their academic and personal goals within the MSW program. Lawrence's goal is to make sure our students have the access to the tools and resources needed to successfully transition into the field of Social Work practice.

What's one of the biggest mistakes you made as a student?

In 2013 I decided to alter my plan of work without checking in with my academic advisor. As a result I was 1 credit short of graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I had then had the daunting task of telling all my family that I was not graduating as they had expected and that it would be delayed by 6 months. That was a tough lesson learned!

What approach do you take to advising?

I try to gain an understanding of a student's overall goals and passion for the field of social work. I like to begin with the end goal in mind, then work backwards to assist students in exploring the personal and professional development opportunities that can lead them to achieving their goals. I am big on networking and building positive relationships.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Helping students overcome external and internal barriers/roadblocks. I like to focus on a student's strengths and provide resources to encourage hope for what is possible in their journey.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Take your time in the program be intentional about engaging with peers and a support team, inside as well as outside of class. Try to develop good habits for health and most importantly strive to stay organized.

Do you have any advice for graduating students?

Do your best to remain positive and be optimistic about your future as a social worker. The opportunity for the job and impact in your community you are looking for will come. Also, clarify your passion and vision, and be faithful to your core beliefs. Believe what you can achieve and it's already yours!

How can students connect with you remotely?

Students can reach me via email at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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