Social Work Spotlight: Meet Social Work-Infant Mental Health Student Danielle Rice

"I am a Detroiter, through and through, I was born and raised in the city. I selected Wayne State because of their connection and commitment to community involvement with Detroit and its surrounding centers." - Danielle Rice

Danielle Rice continues to pursue her passion for infant mental health and child welfare as a doctoral student in the Dual-Title Social Work and Infant Mental Health Program (IMH) at Wayne State University. Danielle is currently in the first year of the program, which helps students gain a thorough understanding of research and clinical work with infants and families. IMH graduates are prepared to become researchers, university faculty or practitioners who work in clinical cross-disciplinary teams with infants and families. Danielle currently holds a bachelor of science in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University, a master of social work from the University of Michigan and a master of administration from Central Michigan University.

What drew you to the IMH Program?

The faculty's strong involvement within the infant mental health field really drew me to the program. Prior to entering the program, I attended trainings by many IMH faculty and I gained such a wealth of knowledge from them. I was excited at the opportunity to continue learning from them and also engage in research.

How has the program been beneficial to you?

This program has allowed me to expand my network within the field and work with colleagues who have the same passion for infant, toddlers and their families. I have been privileged to work on research projects with faculty which allow me to combine my passions with IMH and child welfare.

How do you empower change in your community?

I served on the board for the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health. Prior to Covid-19, I was the director of my church's children's ministry.

Your favorite quote:

"Do it scared. Do it broke. Do it when they don't understand. Do it in imperfection. Do it anyway! "- Unknown

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