Wayne State School of Social Work announces 2022 MSW and BSW Students of the Year

The Wayne State University School of Social Work is proud to announce the 2022 MSW and BSW Students of the Year, Stacey Woggon (MSW), AeYanna Yett (MSW), Damon Creighton Jr. (BSW), and Kristen Prasiloski (BSW).

Annually, undergraduate and graduate level students are nominated to receive the NASW-Michigan Social Work Student of the Year Award from each Michigan area university. Students are nominated by the Warrior Community and selected based on their demonstrated leadership qualities, contribution to the positive image of our social work program, commitment to political and community activities, academic performance, and the degree to which the student represents professional social work ethics. Recipients of the 2022 awards will be recognized by their home university and the NASW-MI chapter at a virtual celebration event on Friday, April 8, 2022 from 6 – 8 pm EST. All are welcome to attend.

This year we would also like to recognize additional nominated students for this award. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to the field of social work and the School. BSW student nominees included Austin Ash, Cynthia Johnston, Elizabeth A. Johnson, Lakeyda Collins, NaQuana Jones, and Samantha Dwornick. MSW student nominees included Amber Barker, Doris Demarco, Arreana Jackson, and Tomiko Gumbleton.

MSW student award recipients

Stacey Woogon


Stacey Woggon is a full-time MSW advanced standing student who is an outstanding contributor to the Wayne State Social Work Community. She currently serves as lead mentor with SWPS (Social Work Peer Supports), our social work Learning Community. There, she coordinates SWPS individual appointments, student events, and leads weekly SWPS team meetings. Stacey is also a very active member of the Social Work Student Alliance (SWSA), has maintained a 4.0 GPA, and is a clinical intern at Transformational Choices in Plymouth.

AeYanna Yett


AeYanna Yett is a full-time dual-title MSW Core and Infant Mental Health student with an expansive, diverse resume. Looking at her professional achievements and involvement, AeYanna is a natural born leader, innovator and a diligent project contributor. To illustrate the scope of her work, AeYanna is the current President of the Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW), an Albert Schweitzer Fellow, and participates in several academic scholarship programs. AeYanna is organized, hard-working, and demonstrates high quality leadership amongst her peers. AeYanna’s work centers on Black women’s lived experiences and mental health, especially within the Metro-Detroit community. She is passionate about equitable access to holistic health care and wellness, rooted in culture and focusing on how we can collectively improve life outcomes and feel empowered doing so.

BSW student award recipients

Damon Creighton, Jr.


Damon Creighton Jr. is a full-time BSW student and when it comes to leadership and peer support, Damon truly excels. Over the past 3-4 years, Damon has served in multiple student-serving roles with student organizations, including Social Work Peer Supports (SWPS), the Warrior V.I.P program, and the APEX Scholars program. As a SWPS mentor, Damon balances active listening with advocating for his peers' interests. He is the current Vice President of the WSU Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) and an active member of the Social Work Student Alliance (SWSA). As ABSW VP, Damon has led deeply insightful presentations, facilitated meetings, and represented excellent leadership within the School of Social Work. Damon excels academically and he is a fantastic leader and highly motivated student.

Kristen Prasiloski


Kristen Prasiloski is a full-time BSW student. Her leadership and peer advocacy this past year has been nothing short of inspiring. As the founding President of The Social Work Queer Alliance (SWQA), Kristen has taken her passion for LBGTQ issues and translated them into a community organization. SWQA is currently the most active SW Student Organization. They worked with ABSW on an Intersectionality event last semester, and they are currently collaborating with outside community partners. In March, SWQA is collaborating with non-profit group UNIFIED on a LGBTQ-friendly Sexual Education panel, and in April, they are working with local religious leaders on a community conversation around social work practice, queerness, and spirituality. Kristen has shown great skill in event planning, community outreach, and group leadership for all of these events. She is extremely self-motivated, self-sufficient, and communicative. Most importantly, Kristen is always looking for her peer's thoughts and feedback, refusing to take action before consulting with her colleagues. Kristen is a dynamic social worker in training who will likely succeed in advocacy or policy spaces. She is a natural born, humble leader.

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