Non Degree Programs

We welcome your interest in the Non-Degree Social Work (NDSW) Program.  This program provides an opportunity for students who have a bachelor's degree to register for graduate level social work courses without being formally admitted into the social work program.  Non-Degree Social Work (NDSW) status is suitable for prospective students who want to:

  • Explore the social work degree or solidify interest in the profession
  • Increase knowledge and improve professional skills
  • Strengthen their application for formal admission into the MSW program.

Individuals who take and successfully complete these courses in this status may use them toward the MSW degree if they are later admitted into the School of Social Work. NDSW status is helpful for those students who may meet the university admissions requirements of a 2.75 GPA but do not meet the minimum requirement for the MSW program. Taking non-degree coursework does not guarantee admission into the MSW program. However, a successful record of academic work at 3.0 or better strengthens an applicant's file for future consideration.

Participants in the NDSW program must meet with an adviser to review their transcript and to devise a plan of work. Follow-up meetings to monitor progress and to make adjustments are scheduled to meet individual needs. Students must check with an adviser in the School of Social Work to discuss and approve the non-degree courses to be taken. Please note that this status is not eligible for financial aid.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Naelah Burks ( or Lawrence Robinson Jr. (