Elizabeth Agius

Elizabeth Agius

Associate Director for Research Administration, Center for Social Work Research



Elizabeth Agius


Elizabeth Agius has been a program evaluator and researcher at Wayne State for over 18 years. She worked in the Substance Abuse Research Division in the School of Medicine for 14 years, then moved to the School of Social Work where she is now the Manager of Community Research Partnerships. Her evaluation research is varied and includes evaluations of local, state and federal grants. Subjects of evaluation include capacity building for community-based organizations in Detroit; school- and community-based substance abuse prevention projects, and substance abuse treatment programs. Currently she serves as an evaluator for the Bureau of Substance Abuse and Alcohol Services on two federal grants for substance abuse prevention. Agius' experience includes participatory, multi-methods and longitudinal designs that are developed in close concert with project stakeholders. She has co-authored publications, delivered presentations, and written numerous technical reports. Agius also provides workshops to community organizations on the use of logic models and evaluation.


Ms. Agius serves as research liaison assisting faculty with grant writing, research and publications. As part of the Center for Social Work Research, she works to expand the School of Social Work's community partnerships and engagement. In addition, she provides consulting and technical assistance to community agencies on evaluation, research, and program planning

Degrees and Certifications

B.A., University of Michigan Dearborn

Office Location

5447 Woodward Avenue, Rm 145

Grand Challenges Project

Protecting Youth from Substance Misuse
Agius is helping state and federal efforts by conducting program evaluation and research related to adolescent substance abuse prevention and treatment. She provides evaluation, technical assistance and data collection assistance to The Partnership for Success, a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant through which high-need counties are targeted for prevention coalition development and evidence-based practices to reduce underage drinking and prescription drug use. Partnership for Success receives additional assistance from School of Social Work faculty Stella Resko, assistant professor and director of the Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies, and Assistant Professor Suzanne Brown, who provides content expertise and consult on methods and measures. Students assist with project management, data, and literature searches

Agius is also engaged in revisions to Michigan’s youth treatment policy and development of the state workforce related to prevention and treatment through another SAMHSA grant. Here, a state-level interagency council is generating new solutions and policies to improve substance abuse treatment for young adults ages 16 to 21. Learn more

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