Stacey Campbell

Stacey Campbell

Project Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice

Stacey Campbell


Stacey joined the CBHJ in 2019 as a Program Assistant in Wayne County. Prior to joining the CBHJ, she worked as an Administrative Assistant in an Employee Assistance Program for 16 years where she worked directly with mental health and substance use consumers. Stacey brings this individual-level perspective to her work at the CBHJ. She is passionate about helping others, whether in an administrative capacity in her work or simply showing compassion to those in need. Stacey is currently working on her Bachelors in History at Wayne State University.


Stacey serves as the project coordinator for Wayne County. Responsibilities include expanding and strengthening pre- and post-booking jail diversion opportunities through regular and frequent communication, data collection, and ongoing collaboration and coordination with behavioral health and criminal justice stakeholders

Degrees and Certifications

  •  BA, History, Wayne State University – in process


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