Heidi Bisson

Heidi Bisson

Research Assistant, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice


Heidi Bisson


Heidi has been on the jail diversion evaluation team since January 2016. In this role, she has worked closely with project leaders, team members, and community stakeholders to develop and maintain processes for collecting and analyzing administrative data. Prior to joining the Jail Diversion team, Heidi was the editorial assistant on the community-based social justice research project, Uniting Detroiters: People’s Atlas and Documentary. With tenacity and keen attention to detail, Heidi focuses her efforts on meaningful work that helps move community and policy-based projects forward.


Heidi currently serves as a research assistant for the Jail Diversion and Stepping Up projects. Her responsibilities include coordination, communication, organization, and data collection efforts between Center staff and community stakeholders across the state, as well as coordination and support of meetings and activities at the Center.

Degrees and Certifications

  • BA, Urban Studies, Wayne State University
  • AA, Liberal Arts, Oakland Community College


Office Location

 Office #226, Prentis - 5201 Cass Avenue