September 4, 2019

Position: Housing Support Coordinator (Case Manager)

Date Adopted: February 2014

Date Revised: April 2018

The Housing Support Coordinator (HSC) performs the central case management function for service delivery to families residing at Alpha House and participating in the RRH program, as well as those participating in the RRH program from another shelter or living on the street. The HSC works in conjunction with all other Alpha House/IHN service staff members, including the Director of Shelter Operations, Community Housing Liaison, Employment and Financial Specialist and other providers to meet the identified needs of the families following a Housing First model of service delivery. The HSC also works closely with other community agencies to facilitate effective and efficient referrals to help families maintain their housing. This position reports to the Programs Director.

General Responsibilities:

· Engage families and their existing support systems in developing an individualized housing plan that is strengths-based, culturally appropriate and focuses on program goals (i.e. income, savings and housing)

· Meet with families weekly as stated in IHN and RRH program guidelines

· Meet with families as needed, as determined by Progressive Engagement levels

· Maintain appropriate documentation, using HMIS Service Point for all client files and services in an accurate, timely and confidential manner

· Connect families to mainstream benefits (i.e. DHHS, WIC, SSI, SSDI) as needed

· Work with families to create a realistic family budget

· Assist families in identifying appropriate housing based on their income and other specific needs (i.e. transportation, proximity to work/childcare/school)

· Coordinate with families to plan their transition into housing (ensure that utilities are active, providing referrals for furniture and household goods, etc.)

· Assure positive transition from shelter to housing

· Assist families in formulating family housing stability plans including short-term and long-term family goals

· Monitor families’ progress toward their goals via regularly scheduled, face-to-face, home and office visits, and telephone contact Identify existing community services and make individualized referrals

· Facilitate referrals to other services as needed, with a focus on obstacles to housing (i.e. legal issues, physical/mental health, etc.)

· Maintain relationships with private landlords and property managers to coordinate eviction prevention efforts, with the assistance of the Community Housing Liaison

· Staff on-call cell phone and coverage shifts regularly as scheduled

· Attend weekly staff, case review and programming meetings

· Facilitate 30, 60, and 90 day review meetings with the service team member and adult family members as needed

· Advocate for families within the organization and in the community

· Transport families as needed

· Weekly rotation of the Supplemental Food Program through Food Gatherers

· Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

BSW , MSW preferred or equivalent and 3 years relevant experience; ability to work as part of a team; proven record of successful work with diverse groups of people; familiarity with homeless/low income populations; and adequate computer skills are required. Some nights and weekends required. Must have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record and be deemed insurable to drive by the organization’s liability insurance carrier

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