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November 1, 2019

Are you looking to make a tremendous difference and have a positive impact in your students’ lives? Are you looking for great job satisfaction and fulfilling your professional higher purpose? At Clara B. Ford Academy (CBF), we serve the neediest of the needy from all over the state. We come from a Trauma-Informed Perspective to best service our students, who have had traumatic experiences in their past. CBF provides trauma-informed professional development for all of the staff, to prepare and provide each individual with necessary tools for their toolbox, to be the highest effective influence on their students’ lives. Should you find employment at CBF, you will be changing lives, one by one!


CBF is a charter school for girls in grades 5-12 with a history of trauma. The Academy is located on the serene grounds of Vista Maria, a residential treatment facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. CBF is participating in a research project designed to explore innovative strategies assisting student academically and behaviorally and better understand the impact of trauma on learning and student achievement. The main focus of the Academy and Vista Maria is to treat, heal, and educate our students.


CBF has an extremely supportive structure in place which helps the students and staff thrive:

•          &nbspCBF focuses on the whole child—psycho-social as well as academic needs are addressed.

•          &nbspSocial Emotional Learning (SEL) is taught school wide to help students develop necessary soft skills for future success.

•          &nbspTo address students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs to help them achieve optimal academic and social-behavioral functioning, this will empower them to act as contributing adults.

•          &nbspParticipate as an active member of a multidisciplinary evaluation team, this helps to determine students’ strengths and limitations, while systematically ensuring that students’ are receiving a fair and appropriate education.

•          &nbspSSW serves as a consultant, provides direct services for general and special education students. Creativity is encouraged!

•          &nbspWeekly Professional Development opportunities; e.g., Differentiation, Trauma-Informed teaching, Marzano teaching strategies. .

•          &nbspLow student to classroom teacher ratio is low (approximately 15:1).

•          &nbspSelf-Care techniques are taught to the staff and highly encouraged to be practiced throughout the school day.

•          &nbspSkilled staff are constantly present to aid in classroom/school-wide management of the students, allowing teachers to better focus on and address their academic instruction.

•          &nbspAdministration

o          &nbsphas set up the school calendar to provide consistent long weekends throughout the school year to aid in self-care.

o            encourages innovative, flexible, and creative techniques when teaching our students.

o          &nbspsupports and creates leadership positions for individuals.

•          &nbspThe dedicated and talented CBF staff is team-oriented and passionate. They have tremendous respect and kindness for one another.

•          &nbspThe school climate is supportive and positive; teamwork and collaboration is a mainstay.

•          &nbspPerform other related duties as assigned

Requirements: Working on or completed Master degree in Social Work; SSW certificate .

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