Posting: Center for the Education of Women+ - ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING AND PROGRAMS

December 19, 2019


Since 1964, CEW+ (Center for the Education of Women+) has served as a change agent for individuals in the community and on-campus. At CEW+, we navigate circumstantial barriers by providing academic, financial and professional support to help others reach their potential. Established to support women through higher education, we lift up women and all underserved communities at U-M and beyond. The engaging mix of job responsibilities included in this position affords you with the chance to utilize both macro and micro social work knowledge, executive leadership, supervisory expertise and strategic planning to fulfill the needs of staff and constituents. CEW+ is valued as a safe space that provides essential information, resources, programming, support, counseling and advocacy for the changing needs of constituents.  This position reports to the Director.

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