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January 14, 2020


Our intentional working community is a non-clinical therapy-through-work program that focuses on helping adults with mental illness (re)discover their passions and interests. We assist people in living vocationally meaningful and socially satisfying lives by returning to work and school, living independently, participating in their community, and developing a social support network.

Who you are:

You are an energetic, positive individual with the ability to motivate people. You have highly developed organizational, written and verbal communication skills. You’re able to work as part of a team as well as independently in an upbeat and dynamic environment. You believe recovery for people with mental illness is possible and you believe in the power of community. You have a high tolerance for ambiguity. You are skilled at creating and implementing structure. You’re  a self-starter and a creative thinker. You have an encouraging demeanor and can maintain a high level of energy and focus for 8 hours. You have outstanding interpersonal skills. You like to have fun! You have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education, occupational therapy (OTA accepted), voc rehab, social work, the humanities, or a related field. If you are in school in a social service or related  field, we will consider the applicant.

What skills you need to do the job:

Be consistently upbeat with an energetic attitude, keep spaces and tasks well organized, assess a person’s strengths and challenges, analyze tasks and spaces for barriers to utilization and develop interventions to address them, create systems and procedures for many types of tasks and activities, easily build rapport with people from many different backgrounds, maintain focus in a dynamic environment with many interruptions and distractions, manage competing demands on time, remain relaxed and nonreactive when others are upset, stay alert and positive, coordinate and participate in small and large groups activities. You will also need to stand and move for long periods, document necessary information using pen and paper and/or a computer, drive a 15 passenger van, use a cell phone, use standard office equipment, and use standard kitchen equipment.

What you’ll do on the job:

Clubhouse staff share: employment, community support, evening/weekend/holiday and team responsibilities. Central to this role is the active engagement of Clubhouse members in all aspects of Clubhouse operations. Staff complete work with members, not for members. They are responsible for planning and coordinating work tasks with small and large groups. Staff also assist members in developing vocational, educational, housing, and socialization goals and objectives. Staff provide training and coverage on transitional employment job placements and contribute to job development efforts. Periodically staff work in different job settings in the community (e.g. retail, food service, etc.) as a job coach. Staff also provide coverage on a rotating basis for evening, weekend, and holiday social activities. This position may be in our Culinary Team or Administration Team.

Other information:

Chauffers License Required. The ability to drive Hope House members to the Clubhouse and transport them to their appointments and home.

Before applying, please read:

Wendy Croll, MA, LPC

Supervisor, Clubhouse

ACCESS Community Health and Research Center

6470 Williamson Ave.

Dearborn MI. 48126

Cell: 810-360-7337

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