March 10, 2020



Job Description: Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Delray Youth Programs Manager will be responsible for the following duties:


1. Supervise PCS Delray Neighborhood House Youth Program Staff, Group Workers and other PCS Youth Program Staff.

2. Regularly research demographic characteristics in order to gain a full understanding of the needed services of the Delray youth population.

3. Keep accurate records of individuals and groups ,attendance and services provided, as required by PCS and its funders.

4. Attend Staff Meetings, Board Meetings and Agency’s Annual Meeting as needed.

5. Recruit volunteers for the agency.

6. Conduct staff meetings with Delray Youth Program staff and in weekly supervisory meetings as well as regular meetings with individual workers. Provide written evaluations of employees under your supervision.

7. Responsible for the safe handling of Delray Youth Program Petty Cash.

8. Represent the Agency at community meetings as needed.

9. Monitor the Agency needs in regard to maintenance of the facility and report to the Executive Director.

10. Contribute to the development and writing of relevant proposals and grants serving the Delray Youth population and their family member as assigned

11. Maintain at least 80% of staff hours in contact with Agency clients.

12. Submit program reports and statistics. This includes reports for the NOF and other grants.

13. Identify and develop indigenous leadership among patrons and residents.

14. Inform patrons of available social services.

15. Receive reports and records of Delray Youth Program staff.

16. Cooperate with other social workers and agencies providing services in Southwest Detroit where indicated.

It is understood by the employer and employee that not every incidental duty of the job is described herein and are not always specifically described. The employer reserves the right to revise this job description as may be necessary in order to achieve a high level of professional competence to meet the needs of the people, and to provide more effective services.

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