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December 16, 2020

We are recruiting BIPOC students, who are interested in the field of aging, for a paid summer internship. The goal of the LeadingAge Summer Enrichment Program is to help launch the career of BIPOC into executive-level leadership. The internship is designed to provide undergraduate or graduate students with a meaningful professional experience where they engage with executive level leaders and board members, work on a meaningful, complex project and have ongoing mentorship.

The field of aging is extremely complex and is great for people from a variety of academic disciplines. However it lacks BIPOC, so the overarching goal of SEP is to change the face of the top decision makers in the field of aging.

The average stipend is $6,000 for 10 weeks and some sites offer housing and food.

Program Information

Summer Enrichment Program - Student Guide | LeadingAge

National Opportunities for Summer Enrichment Program

Michigan opportunities

Erica Thrash-Sall, MBA

Executive Director

McFarlan Charitable Corporation


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