March 17, 2021

At Pam's Place, We Believe in Success.

We Believe in You, The Students!

(Family Operated Business for over 18 years)

Pam’s Place is continuing to make a huge imprint in the Detroit area and across the nation. The lives that are changed, at Pam’s Place, have a lasting and rippling effect on not just the families of the student or client but the neighbors, coworkers, and community alike.  Here you will find our Mission Statement to which we adhere to the best of our capacity.


Pam’s Place is dedicated to the betterment and empowerment of individuals with problematic concerns: Substance Abuse/Dependence; Mental/Emotional Health difficulties; Domestic Violence/Anger Management; Comprehensive Parenting Skills; and Career Development challenges.  Our organization will provide quality services in the greater metropolitan Detroit community with a trustworthy and steadfast determination.

Our center is a place where the individual can enhance their hopes, become proactive in their personal development, and utilize that inherent ability to become responsible citizens again.

Pam’s Place was created in honor of a young woman who gave her life so men, women, and children can live their lives in peace.

PHONE: 313-894-8088

FAX: 313-894-8888

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