April 21, 2021

The primary purpose of this professional position is to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their significant family members/circle of supports through the process of developing and carrying out a “Person Centered Plan” based on the person’s expressed needs, wishes, and cultural preferences. Major job functions include connecting individuals with resources and services to encourage optimal independence, community experiences, and quality of life. Much of the work is performed independently and requires considerable knowledge of social worker support coordination techniques and developmental disabilities as well as knowledge of local, state, and federal regulatory standards affecting persons with developmental disabilities. The employee receives general supervision and works within established protocols and procedures in the form of regulations, rules, policies, and oral instructions.
1. Major Areas of Responsibility:
2. Essential Activities:
Development and monitoring of individual treatment and/or support plan
Coordinates and facilitates the “Person Centered Planning” process.
Provides accommodations to maximize a person’s ability to express needs, wishes, and choice
Coordinates community living supports that may include but is not limited to residential, vocational, employment, educational, and social organizations
Coordinates and monitors the delivery of support services.
Evaluates individual’s progress towards their identified goals
Evaluates individual’s satisfaction and provides ongoing assistance in exploring service/support options.
Prepares and maintains updated Consumer Profiles.
Provide opportunities for training and counseling
Provides individual and family counseling and/or assists in accessing counseling services.
Provides education and guidance to encourage individual empowerment
Provides education and guidance to encourage social skill development and relationship building
Provides training and guidance to caregivers specific to meeting the needs and wishes identified in the individual’s treatment/support plan
Identifies and monitors safeguards to minimize risk to the individual in their home and community.
Assist individuals/Families in accessing resources
Assists individuals/families in exploring and accessing community services, i.e. funding institutions, schools, employment services, housing development, churches, volunteer organizations, civic groups, social clubs, court/legal/and advocacy services…
Assists individuals/families in exploring, developing, and maintaining natural supports, i.e. family members and friends
Assists individuals/families in selecting and accessing health care providers
Assists individuals/families in the efficient utilization of personal and public financial resources: 1) developing and monitoring individual budget, 2) accessing and maintaining eligible funding and public resources, 3) determining the level of assistance needed with managing financial affairs.
Maintains contact with parents, guardians, and/or significant family members as identified by the individual or responsible parent. This includes eliciting input, participation, and service satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction
Customers include but are not limited to: Individuals, families, and guardians; Funding Sources; Providers; Employees
All customer related services and reports are delivered within specific timeframes as established by standards of practice
All customer related services are coordinated and meet the individual’s needs and expectations
Services are rendered in a dependable and reliable manner
All interaction with customers are conducted with dignity and respect
3. Prerequisites (i.e., education, experience, licenses):
Possession of a bachelor’s degree with a major in social work from an accredited college or university
Licensed by the Michigan Board of Examiners of Social Workers as a Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker
2 years experience in mental health field preferred
Experience with Microsoft Office Suite preferred
4. Physical & Sensory Requirements:
Motor Vehicle Operator
Ability to use informational systems and personal computers
Ability to easily get around in non-barrier free work location (Individual sites)
5. Positions Available: Positions available at our Clarkston and Southfield locations
Lauren Cates, Human Resources Generalist
Macomb-Oakland Regional Center, Inc.
P. O. Box 380710
Clinton Township, MI 48038-0070
Phone: 586-263-8771

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