Posting: Clinician- School Based Elementary K-5

August 12, 2022

 Job purpose

Assists with emotional, social, behavioral, and academic needs of all students in the school, while fostering a safe and inclusive environment. Utilizes various therapeutic approaches, emotional regulation techniques and trauma-informed practices in keeping with Growth Works philosophy and as determined by student need. 

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Responsibilities & duties

  • Consults with administrative staff to allow for support to students during conflict and/or poor behavioral choices while on school grounds.
  • Serve as an advocate to support students, families, and the overall school.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with staff concerning student needs.
  • Initiates counseling/therapeutic contacts with students, as needed. 
  • Make appropriate referrals to community agencies to provide ongoing support for students and families.
  • Follows state and district confidentiality requirements.
  • Identifies opportunities for small groups and facilitates them on an as needed basis.  
  • Provide mentorship to students and staff.
  • Work through district crisis protocol for students
  • Implement restorative practices district wide.
  • Engage in school and district initiatives while embracing overall school and agency culture.
  • Serve as a member of the District/Building Crisis Team upon request. 
  • Member of the District Trauma-Informed Team.
  • Function as an adaptable staff member manner, with understanding that your daily functions may adjust based on needs of the school and students on any given day.
  • Identify and explore opportunities to implement preventative services for students and improve the school/ educational experience.
  • Attendance and participation in staff meetings, staff in-services and meetings with community partners, as assigned.
  • Completion of necessary documentation that is requested by administrative personnel and community-based referrals.


  • Master’s degree in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology or another relevant field of study.
  • Current holder of State of Michigan license as a Social Worker (LLMSW/LMSW) Licensed Professional Counselor (LLPC/LPC). Recent graduates will need to apply for license within 30 days of hire.
  • Previous experience within a school settings or educational system is preferred.
  • Knowledge of therapeutic interventions, co-occurring disorders, trauma and brain development preferred.
  • Successful ability to complete agency and school district background screenings and tests

Physical requirements:

  • Must be able to complete manual tasks involving dexterity to enter and retrieve data using computer systems, systems applications, and other office equipment.

Ability to lift and transport materials/supplies up to 25 lbs. for internal documentation and recordkeeping, court support, and other administrative tasks.

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