Interpersonal Practice

This  Wayne State University School of Social Work Interpersonal Practice concentration offers students broad exposure to contemporary practice theories; assessment of psychosocial disorders, risk and resilience; developmental issues; and in-depth clinical assessment skills. Building on these foundational interpersonal practice theories and skills, students have opportunities to deepen their clinical intervention skills with individuals and families by choosing an intervention course including but not limited to Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions in Interpersonal Practice, Family Systems Interventions, Contemporary Psychodynamic Interventions, and Client-Centered Interventions. Students may then choose from a range of electives across the curriculum, either within the Interpersonal Practice track, or from other areas of the Social Work curriculum such as Policy, Research, or ICPL. These electives are offered to supplement the required courses and to deepen and enrich students' knowledge of additional areas of Social Work Practice.

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