Student Senate

Wayne State University Student Senate

The Wayne State University Student Senate is a non-discriminatory, non-partisan representative body of students.  Its primary objective is to identify progressive methods that can be utilized by all students to encourage leadership, uphold student achievement, enhance campus-community life through quality programming, and act as a liaison between students and the Administration. General body meetings are typically held every 1st and 3rd Thursday and are open to the public. For information about Student Senate history, goals, and members, please visit us online or contact any member of the Student Senate. 

School of Social Work Student Representative

AeYanna YettAeYanna is a mezzo to macro-focused dual-title Master of Social Work and Infant Mental Health student. As a Black woman scholar-activist, she works to uplift the voices, lived experiences, and healing practices employed by Black women that promote resilience when overcoming exposure to trauma and violence. Also, AeYanna is passionate about equitable access to holistic wellness, rooted in culture and focusing on how we can collectively improve our life outcomes and feel empowered doing so. Overall, as a walker of this Earth, she places great value in her impact on community, especially when promoting cultural and community wellness and empowerment for all. Community health and mental wellness are central to her journey as a social worker, cultural worker, and social justice advocate, as she centers the philosophy of Ubuntu, a Zulu proverb that means "I am because we are, we are because I am".

While serving as a student representative, AeYanna's goals are:

  1. To bring Social Work to the spotlight as a major contributor to the University's mental health initiatives.
  2. Advocate for more opportunities of multidisciplinary collaboration between interpersonal and macro-level students.
  3. Strengthen the community engagement initiatives within the School of Social Work's student population.

AeYanna encourages students and peers to contact her by email at for questions, comments, ideas, or concerns.