Student Organizations

Want to combine your professional and personal interests? Join one of our student organizations and make friends while gaining skills and service hours! All Social Work students are provided with the opportunity to organize in their own interest through the University and School of Social Work.  For more information on student organizations, please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at (313)‐577‐4409 or visit the Dean of Students Office website.  Organizations listed below are open to all students. 

Social Work Student Organizations

  • Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW): Educational, research and community service activities with a focus on students of color. Contact: Michanda Gant at (Advisors: Tamarie Willis)
  • Coalition for Community Social Work (CCSW): Enhance education and practice skills while engaging in various community building, rebuilding and revitalization efforts. Contact: Mariam Issa at or Catherine Zettner at (Advisors: Judith Wineman and Tamarie Willis)
  • Diabetes Education Wellness (DEW) Clinic: Interdisciplinary student run clinic with the purpose to educate and empower patients with diabetes to have more autonomy in the management of their disease. Contact: TBD (Advisor: Takisha LaShore)
  • Giving Back to Detroit: Masters of Social Work students becoming active and giving back to Detroit. Pairing with different charitable organizations monthly or creating new initiatives in order to give back to the community that we gain our education in. Contact: Samantha Bridges at (Advisor: Larmander Davis)
  • International Social Work Organization (ISWO): Unites social work students from diverse backgrounds and strives to raise awareness about social issues facing the global community. Contact: TBD (Advisor: Durrenda Onolemhemhen)
  • Jewish Social Work Student Association (JSWSA): Promoting professional development and networking opportunities with a focus on students members of the Jewish community. Contact: Jack Mullen at (Advisors: Judith Wineman and Sandra Silver)
  • Mental Health Matters Association (MHMA): Increase awareness and reduce stigma regarding mental health through trainings, networking and community engagement. Contact: TBD (Advisor: A. Gonzalez‐Prendes)
  • Muslim Women Social Work Association: An organization to engage/connect/join the Muslim community and other communities pursuing a career in Social Work. This organization is committed to promoting the growth and well-being of social work students in the BSW and MSW programs. Contact Masuma Jinnat at (Advisors: Tamarie Willis and Judith Wineman)
  • Phi Alpha National Honor Society of Social Workers: National organization that supports high standards in SW education. Open to all BSW's & MSW's that qualify and apply for membership.Contact: Rebecca Smith at and Foadeh Yahya at (Advisor: Sarah Doyle) 
  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in SW (SOGI‐SW): Supports the social, academic and advocacy concerns of students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Contact: TBD (Advisor: Kim Jaffee)

Social Work Student Research Community

The Social Work Student Research Community (formerly known as S.M.A.R.T.) was founded in 2010 to promote, develop, and sustain an environment in which Social Work students are afforded the opportunity to work together to apply theoretical foundations for research (taught in the classroom) to the real world. Social Work Student Research Community is a cross-program (BSW, MSW, and PhD) community designed to provide opportunities for students to meet and discuss the various stages of research and research relevant topics, attend professional development workshops and Brown Bags, and collaborate with social work faculty. In other words, participate in a culture of learning that emphasizes the importance and value of research competence in the field of social work.

For more information on Social Work Student Research Community please contact Caitlin Brown at or visit the Center for Social Work Research website here.

For printable flyer on the Social Work Student Research Community click here