Licensure Practice Exam

 "I liked that the practice exam was challenging. While taking it I thought I was going to score horribly, but when I passed, it gave me confidence that I could conquer the real exam which I did!" - Lawrence Robinson, LLMSW

We understand that preparing to take the social work licensure exam can be a stressful process, but we are here to help! The Wayne State University School of Social Work Continuing Education Office is now offering students, alumni and community members the option to purchase a 90-day subscription to the Social Work Examination Services (SWES) online clinical practice exam.

The online computer-based SWES exam is designed to respond to the ASWB social work license exams in all states and can be taken from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient to you. 


Customers will receive:  

  • A 90- day subscription to Social Work Examination Services' Online Clinical Practice Exam.
  • The 90-day subscription includes two four-hour timed clinical exams with 170 questions drawn from a question bank of 700 practice questions. Users can attempt each exam THREE times.
  • The 90-day subscription includes a mini-clinical exam test with 30 questions. Users can attempt the mini-exam THREE times. 
  • Unlimited access to our WSU Social Work Licensure Exam Hub available on Canvas, which is designed to guide you through the exam preparation process using evidence-based learning strategies. Learn more 
  • Access to instant reports that allow you to see what question you got wrong and an explanation of the correct answer.


  • Enroll in the course
  • 90-day membership cost: $25
  • Customers will receive an email within 5-10 business days with a link to access their SWES subscription and the WSU Social Work Licensure Exam Hub available on Canvas.

Exam instructions

  • Attempts: Each 170 question timed exam allows three attempts over your 90-day subscription period. The 90-day period does not begin until you activate your subscription. 
  • Questions: The questions are randomly generated from a question bank, so that each student's test is unique. If you do not pass in the first attempt, you will be given a "Retake Test Now" link.
  • Skipping Questions: On the right-hand side of your exam, you will see the question numbers. You can click on these numbers to skip ahead or go backward to change your answers or skip a question.
  • Pausing: You may switch over your browser tabs or close the browser, and your test will be paused. When you return to the screen, you will see a "Let me complete" link, which you can use to resume the test.
  • Finish: When you have completed the 4-hour exam, click on the FINISH TEST button. The test will be counted as completed.
  • Answers: All answers and explanations can be viewed in the student report.

Additional resources

For questions regarding the practice exam process, contact the WSU Social Work Continuing Education Office at or 313-577-9348.


  • How do I log into my account?

    Visit and use the username sent to you by the WSU Social Work Continuing Education Office to create a password. Then log in to your account. 

  • When does my 90 day subscription start?

    As soon as you register your account by creating a password, your 90-day subscription begins. At the end of 90 days, you can renew your 90-day subscription via the Social Work CE Store.

  • How many times can I take each exam?

    Each exam allows three attempts over the 90 day period. An attempt is considered complete when you
    either a) time out of the exam, or b) finish all the questions. Your attempt will not be complete if you pause
    by closing your browser.

  • How do I take the exam?

    Once logged in, select MY TESTS from the dashboard. Select the test you want to take from the menu,
    and click TAKE TEST NOW on the right hand side. On the next screen click on: START TEST. You will see
    the question number and question, and four multiple-choice answers below that. Select your answer by
    clicking into the button next to it. Then click NEXT QUESTION. When you get to the last question, click on FINISH EXAM.

  • Can I skip questions?

    Yes. On the right side of your screen is a list of question numbers. Click into the question number that you skipped and select your answer. You will not be able to complete the exam until all questions are answered.

  • Can I change my answer?

    On the right side of your screen is a list of question numbers. Click into the question number that you want
    to change and select your new answer.

  • How much time do I have to take the exam?

    The ASWB exam is 4 hours. This exam is also 4 hours.

  • How many questions are on the exam?

    There are 170 questions on the exam. The ASWB licensure exam is 170 questions, but only 150 of them
    are scored.

  • What happens if I time out of the exam?

    At four hours, the exam will complete. Your student report will reflect a score based on the answers that
    you attempted. This will count as one attempt.

  • Can I pause the exam?

    Yes, just close the tab of your browser screen before time out. You can resume your attempt by using the
    “Let Me Complete” link that will appear in your account when you log back in. Completing the test by following this link would be considered the same attempt.

  • Will I see a score and report for all three attempts?

    You will see a report/score for each and every attempt you make.

  • How do I access my score?

    From your Dashboard, select My Report. You’ll see the number of attempts, the day you took the test, the total number of questions, and the number of correct answers, the percentage correct, and the result (Pass or Fail.)

  • What is a passing score?

    The SWES practice exam passing rate is 70%, the same pass percentage point as the ASWB exam, taking into account all 170 questions. However, the actual licensure exam, administered by the ASWB, there are 170 questions, of which 20 questions are pre-test questions, which do not count towards the score. Please note: this exam does not weight the score in the same way that the ASWB does. The SWES social work licensure practice exams are diagnostic only, and can only approximate ASWB scoring. Learn more about how the ASWB scores its test

  • Where do I find the explanations to each question and answer?

    In My Reports, click on the test name in the Test Name column and you will be in the “Test Summary.” There you will see the Question, Your Answer, and the Explanation. Click on VIEW ALL to see the full explanation.

  • How do I see my answer vs. the correct answer?

    In My Reports, click on the test name and you will enter your report. Under “Correct Answer” click on the letter and a window will pop up with the full question and answers.

  • How do I contact SWES if I have further technical questions?

    For all technical questions, please contact SWES at or 1-800-933-8802 or use the SWES chat