Overdose Prevention through Harm Reduction

In this course, WSU Social Work Associate Professor and Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Director of Implementation Brad Ray, PhD will outline his community-engaged research efforts at understanding and addressing the overdose crisis. These efforts span criminal-legal, treatment, and public health systems focusing on overdose prevention through harm reduction, defined as any positive change. This lecture will focus on trends in overdose patterns from current surveillance systems, focusing on fentanyl and a critical assessment of the use of Naloxone, the opioid overdose antidote, in these surveillance systems. Finally, Ray draws on his experiences to highlight the need for harm reduction, both the philosophy and strategies, to guide public health and public safety policies.

Learning objectives

  • Describe harm reduction as a philosophy and a practice
  • Explain what Naloxone is and how it differs from medications for opioid use disorder.
  • Explain opioid use disorder
  • Describe the evolving role of opioids in the overdose epidemic
  • Understand how stigma continues to impact overdose
  • Understand how to administer Naloxone (both intranasal and injectable) on individuals who are overdosing on opioids

Steps to complete this course

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