School social work refresher

With 66 years of combined school social work experience, WSU School of Social Work Temporary Approval Coordinator and Lecturer Karen Weiner, Associate Professor of Teaching, Charlene McGunn, PhD, LMSW will guide participants through this non-interactive, asynchronous online course comprised of 10 modules. Participants will be provided with a review and update of school law issues, home-school-community assessment, intervention strategies, school social work practice skills, and the treatment of a variety of children and family-based special needs. Participants will earn 11.5 Continuing Education Clock Hours (CE) upon completion of the course. 


Completion of this course is a state requirement for those who do not yet have full approval or would like to return to school social work after a break in the profession. This course is open to any Michigan school social worker, specifically if:

  • You have an MSW and received school social work temporary approval (Form 310)
  • Your temporary approval for SSW was issued over 5 years ago but not more than 10 years ago
  • You did not receive full approval
  • Your temporary approval expired within the last 5 - 10 years and you would like to get back into school social work


This course is offered continuously throughout the year and is self-paced. It should take customers approximately 15 - 20 hours to complete the 10 modules and earn 11.5 CE's for a cost of $175.

  • Module 1 - Bits and Pieces Legislation in the Schools - 1 CE
  • Module 2 - Understanding the Special Education Process, Part 1 - 1.5 CE
  • Module 3 - Understanding the Special Education Process, Part 2 - 1.5 CE
  • Module 4 - Emotional Impairment (FAB-BIP) - 1 CE 
  • Module 5 - Systemic Observation and School Records - 1 CE
  • Module 6 - Behavior Rating Scales for Social Work Practice - 1.5 CE
  • Module 7 - Intelligence Tests & Adaptive Behavior Scales Data for Social Work Assessment - 1.5 CE
  • Module 8 - Perspectives on Childhood Trauma - 1 CE
  • Module 9 - Working with Children - 1 CE
  • Module 10 - Putting the "School" in School Social Worker - 0.5 CE


  • Step 1: Pay for the course ($175) via our online store. Please use your computer, (not a phone), to pay. After payment is completed, you will be provided access to a secure course website called Canvas. Canvas is a web-based learning management system (LMS). It is used by Wayne State to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate skill development and learning achievement. The Canvas site will provide access to lecture materials, videos and articles to enhance your learning. Successful acquisition of course materials will be demonstrated via online quizzes. 
  • Step 2: Access the course materials via Canvas and start with the Course Directions Video
  • Step 3: Complete and pass the post-test and evaluation quizzes, which can be accessed in each Canvas module
  • Step4: Once you have completed all 10 modules please email us at and we will provide you with your refresher certification via email within 7 - 10 business days. 

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