Sleep and Stress: A Bi-Directional Relationship

During this session, licensed professional counselor Zeina Ghoul, PhD will explore the multifaceted relationship between sleep and psychological well-being. We will delve into the physiological and psychological consequences of sleep deprivation and examine how it impacts the overall health of clients, including their cognitive functioning and emotional regulation. By the end of this session, you will have developed a deeper understanding of how to identify poor sleep quality and provide effective sleep interventions that can promote better psychological well-being.

Ghoul has a bachelor's degree in nutrition and food Science, a master's degree in Community Counseling, and a PhD in Counselor Education from Wayne State University. As part of her doctoral studies, Zeina conducted a randomized, controlled trial titled "The Impact of Behavioral Sleep Education on Perceived Stress and Sleep Quality Among Undergraduate University Students". Her research focused on evaluating the effectiveness of behavioral sleep education in improving sleep quality and reducing perceived stress levels of undergraduate university students.

Learning objectives

  1. Recognize the importance of clients' sleep habits in promoting their psychological well-being and understand how these habits can impact the effectiveness of therapeutic outcomes.
  2. Understand the physiological and psychological consequences of sleep deprivation on clients' physical health and mental health, including cognitive functioning and emotional regulation.
  3. Identify symptoms of poor sleep quality in clients.
  4. Summarize the relationship between sleep and stress, including the impact of stress on sleep patterns and the role of sleep in mitigating the negative effects of stress on psychological and physiological health.
  5. Provide examples of effective sleep interventions.

Steps to complete this course

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