PhD Curriculum

The school's doctoral program leads to the Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (Ph.D.) degree. A minimum of 90 credit hours are required for graduation. The Ph.D. in social work is a research degree. The doctoral program requires rigorous training in qualitative and quantitative research methods; advanced coursework in social work theory; completion of a cognate area in another discipline; mastery of specialized content areas; and the completion of a Ph.D. dissertation. The program allows for full-time or part-time study.

The clinical concentration prepares graduates for important careers in clinical social work teaching, scholarship, and research, as well as for leadership positions in the greater clinical social work community.

The clinical concentration is consistent with the School's time‐honored commitment to excellence in education for clinical practice. The Clinical Concentration is not a separate program; it is part of the existing doctoral program.

SW Elective Credits
(up to 23 advanced year MSW or post-MSW certificate credits relevant to the student's proposed area of research) approved by the director of the doctoral program.

Theory (9 credits)
SW 9210 – Theories for Practice and Research with Individuals, Cr. 3
SW 9220 – Theories for Practice and Research with Groups and Families, Cr. 3
SW 9230 – Theories for Practice and Research with Communities and Organizations: Macro, Cr. 3

Research and Statistics Courses (16 credits)
SW 9100 – Social Statistics and Data Analysis, Cr. 3
SW 9300 – Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models, Cr. 3
SW 9400 – Qualitative Research Methods in Social Work, Cr. 3
SW 9410 – Quantitative Research Methods in Social Work, Cr. 3
SW 9420 – Research Practicum, Cr. 3
SW 9430 – Dissertation Seminar, Cr. 1

SW Elective (3 credits)
SW 9000 – Directed Study, Cr. 2-6 (Max. 6)
SW 9240 – Social Work Education, Cr. 3
SW 9260 – Current and Historical Trends in U.S. Social Welfare Policy, Cr. 3

Cognate Courses (9 credits): Courses other than Social Work that support the candidate's area of research.


Clinical Scholarship Track Curriculum:

Clinical scholarship track students have the same curriculum as other PhD students, but take the following courses in lieu of a cognate:

SW 9500 - Advanced Clinical Social Work Theory     (3 credits)

SW 9510 & SW 9520 - Applied Clinical Social Work Practice I, II    (3 credits each term; 6 credits total)

For those with less than five years' postgraduate supervised practice experience: SW 9550 & SW 9560 - Advanced Clinical Practicum I, II   (2 credits each term; 4 credits total)

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